Bookmarks are a great way to record specific information that Staff Members need to be aware of or assign tasks within SupportAbility which do not require being tracked or recorded permanently, a little like a 'digital post-it note' which you discard once you have completed the task. 

You can create a Bookmark for yourself, or delegate a task via a Bookmark to a single staff member, or for 'All staff' to review and/or complete (e.g. to complete missing information, or read a Journal Note).

Bookmarks can be added to any tab within a Client record, Staff record, Contact record or Activity.

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Creating a Bookmark

Navigate to the tab in the record (e.g. Client record) that you wish to attach a Bookmark to, then select the Bookmark icon next to Actions:

The 'Add Bookmark' window will open displaying the following pre-populated information:

  • Relative to the type of record where you are creating the Bookmark, the name of the record will display e.g. Bookmark Client, Bookmark User (Staff) or Bookmark Activity 
  • The tab Location where you are creating the Bookmark e.g. Client::Status,
  • For, which defaults to the Staff member who is logged in
  • Priority, which defaults to 'Low'

You can then customise the Bookmark as follows:


Select the Staff Member's name you are assigning the Bookmark For.  By default your name will be displayed, in the event you are creating a Bookmark for yourself. If assigning a bookmark for another Staff Member, select their name from the drop-down list. You can only select one Staff member name at a time, or select 'All Staff':

When the Assignee is 'All Staff'

Selecting 'All Staff' as the assignee for a Bookmark means that the bookmark will be visible to everyone in the organisation, and will appear in the Bookmarks portal on their Dashboard if this portal has been turned on in Dashboard settings for your organisation. 

All Staff will be able to open and edit this Bookmark by selecting the target icon of the Bookmark from the Dashboard, however, only the following Staff will be able to view, access and edit the related Client record: 


  • Set the priority (low, medium, high). The meaning of each of these priorities is up to your organisation to determine:

  • The priority of a Bookmark is differentiated by it's colour when displayed in the record: 
    • low - navy, 
    • medium - amber, and
    • high - red.


Enter a Note i.e. a brief description of the information you wish the assignee to review or complete. e.g. 'Please complete the missing details for this Client.':

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Optional Bookmark Settings

As a creator of the Bookmark you have two optional settings which provide different functionality as follows:

Only I Can Delete

When creating a Bookmark the creator has the option to check the box  Only I can Delete.  This might be required if the creator wishes to check that a Bookmark has been actioned before it is removed. 

If this is selected, only the creator and not the assignee can remove/delete the Bookmark.  The 'Remove Bookmark' button will be greyed out for the assignee preventing them from using it. 

Hide from Dashboard

Another optional feature of the Bookmark is that the creator can check the box Hide from Dashboard.  If this feature has been selected the Bookmark will not appear on either the creator or the assignee's Dashboard. It will only appear in the relevant record where it was created, and only be visible to the creator and the assignee.

It is generally recommended to check the 'Hide from Dashboard' box if there is no action required from the Bookmark, it is for information purposes only and therefore does not require follow-up.

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Visibility of Bookmarks

The only people who can see a Bookmark are:

  • the person who created it,
  • and the person it has been assigned to, or 'All staff'.
    • N.B. If 'All Staff' has been selected as the assignee, then all Staff will be able to see the Bookmark but only those with access to the record (as outlined in the Assignee section above) will be able to view and edit the Record or Activity related to that Bookmark.  

Bookmarks will be visible to the creator and the assignee from a few locations;

  • the location the bookmark had been created (e.g. Client record, Staff Account, Activity),
  • as well as on the Dashboard in the Bookmarks section (visible to the creator and the assignee) *unless the creator has checked the box 'Hide from Dashboard'.

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Accessing a Bookmark from the Dashboard

To access a Bookmark from the Dashboard, click on the target icon of an individual Bookmark which will take you to the relevant tab where the Bookmark was created: 

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Editing a Bookmark

You can edit a Bookmark by clicking on the ' Edit Bookmark' button when viewing it within the relevant record.  This will open the Bookmark window. 

The creator will have full visibility of all the fields within the Bookmark window including the optional settings of 'Only I Can Delete' and 'Hide from Dashboard'.

The assignee however will not have visibility of the optional settings. They will be able to add text to the Notes section.  Once an assigned task has been completed, the assignee can remove/delete the Bookmark. 

If the 'Remove Bookmark' button is not accessible, the assignee can leave a note for the creator that the task has been completed. The creator can then later remove the Bookmark.

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Reassign a Bookmark to another Staff Member

The assignee can also re-assign a task within a Bookmark to another Staff member by selecting a name from the drop-down list in the ' For' field, then clicking the 'Save Bookmark' button.

Once a Bookmark has been re-assigned the original Assignee will lose visibility of it and there will be no historical record of the original Assignee attached to this Bookmark. Only the new Assignee's name will be visible in the Bookmark when viewed by the original creator, and the Bookmark will now be visible to the new Assignee.

Bookmark showing new Assignee (Maya Maglaughlin), as viewed from the creator's Staff Account (Athena Kuen), including a note from the original Assignee about the reassignment:

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Removing a Bookmark

Once the information has been reviewed or the task outlined within a Bookmark has been completed, then the Bookmark can be removed.  Both the creator and the assignee can remove a Bookmark by clicking on the 'Remove Bookmark' button.  

NB: Please note that there is no historical record of Bookmarks once removed. Bookmarks are a little like a 'digital post it note', it's a helpful reminder, but once the task has been completed it is disposed of and no records kept.

If the creator has checked the 'Only I can delete' box, then the 'Remove Bookmark' button will be greyed out and the assignee will not be able to remove the Bookmark.  Only the creator will be able to delete/remove it.

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