Client Goals Statistics Report

The Client Goals Statistics Report provides statistical information on the number of Client Goals and Goal Strategies which have been created for each Site/Service.  

This report displays statistics for progress status, split by Clients' Primary or Secondary Services and also includes a Total.

This report provides a snapshot and comparative overview of the number of Client Goals and Goal Strategies which have been created relative to the number of Clients participating in each Site/Service. 

N.B. As this report provides statistical data only, and no personal Client information, all Staff have access to and visibility of these statistics for all Sites and Services.

How to generate the Client Goals Statistics Report

Select Reports in the side menu on the Dashboard:

Select the 'Client Goals Statistics Report' from the list of Client Reports:

Select the 'From Date' and 'To Date' for your report:

Select the Sites and Services you wish to report on by checking the relevant boxes:

Click the 'Generate Goals Report' button:

Once generated, the report displays a summary of the selected filters e.g. dates, Sites/Services, and who generated the report:

Following this summary, the Client Count and the statistics for the Goals and Strategies entered for each Site/Service is displayed:

These are further broken down into two areas - Primary Service and Secondary Service. A count is provided of the number of Clients who have Primary and Secondary i.e. anything other than a primary Service, selected in the Client record:

Primary and Secondary Services refer to how a Site/Service has been entered in the Client Service Participation field in the Client record:

Statistics are provided for the status of Client Goal and Goal Strategies as follows :

  • Active
  • Not on track
  • Started
  • Completed
  • Journal Evidence Generated

Printing the Report

This report can be printed, or saved in PDF format, by clicking on the Print icon at the top of the page:

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