Client Goals Report for Site/Service

This article provides detailed information relating to The 'Client Goals Report for Site/Service' Report. 

This report provides Team Leaders with a helpful resource in which to review Client Goals, Goal Strategies, and Journal Evidence for all Clients participating in the Service/s they have responsibility for, in one report, rather than reviewing these in individual Client records.

This overview perspective is also a useful tool for monitoring whether evidence is being gathered, and progress tracked towards Clients achieving their Goals, to assist your organisation with meeting the NDIS compliance requirements related to Journal evidence.

N.B. Another useful tool for tracking Goal Strategy progress and identifying Goal Strategies that have not been linked to any Client Journal evidence is the 'Client Goal Strategy Search', which is filterable by a range of search criteria.  The related export contains detailed information about the Goal Strategy along with information about the Client Goal.  More information about this Search is available in the related article linked below.

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Operations Management, Team Leaders


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  • The Team Leader Staff Account privilege is a prerequisite for running this report.
    • If a Staff member has the 'Team Leader' privilege specified at the 'Site and Service where this staff member works' level they will only be able to access and view the Client Goals and Goal Strategies for Clients who participate in the Sites and Services for which the Staff member has the 'Team Leader' privilege for: 
    • If a Staff member has the 'Team Leader for ALL Services' privilege specified in the Security Privileges section of their Staff account, they will be able to access and view the Goals and Goal Strategies for ALL Clients participating in ALL Services:

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How to generate the Client Goals Report for Site/Service

To generate the Report navigate to the Dashboard and select Reports:

Navigate to the 'Goals & Strategies' subsection of the 'Clients' section in the Reports menu and select ' Client Goals Report for Site/Service':

Select the Site/Service you wish to report on e.g. Day Services @ Melbourne (HQ):

N.B. The options available to select from here will be pre-determined by the Staff Member's access, as outlined in the 'Prerequisites' section above.

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Report Filters

While the Site/Service selected for the Report determines which Clients are included in the Report, the following filters determine the information and level of detail displayed for each Client:

Set your preferences for the Report by selecting the 'Yes/No' button for each filter:

  • Show Goal Strategies
  • Active Strategies Only
  • Show Standards
  • Show Journal Evidence
  • Show Journal Detail

Once set, select 'Generate Report': 

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Report Results

The Report results include all of the Clients who have the Site/Service selected for the Report, listed in their 'Client Service Participation', and the results are ordered alphabetically by the Clients' first name:

The level of detail displayed is determined by the filter settings selected.

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Goals by Site/Service

When a Site/Service is selected for this Report, it is important to note that the results generated include  all active Goals and related Goal Strategies for each Client. They are not limited specifically to the Site/Service selected for this report, and may therefore relate to other Site/Services the Clients participate in.

For example, Day Services @ Melbourne (HQ) was selected when generating the Report. As Client Andrea has this Site/Service listed in her Client Service Participation she is included in the Report. You will notice however that her Goal Strategies relate not only to the selected Site/Service but also to other Services that Andrea participates in e.g. Therapeutic Supports:

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Journal Details

Depending on how the Journal filters are set will determine if Journals are displayed in the Report, and/or the level of detail displayed. 

When the 'Show Journal Evidence' filter is set to 'No', the 'Journals' section is not included in the Report:

When 'Show Journal Evidence' has been set to 'Yes', but 'Show Journal Detail' is set to 'No', a summary of the Journal Evidence only is displayed, along with the result of any completed Assessments :

When the 'Show Journal Detail' filter is set to 'Yes' for this report, the 'detail' displayed relates to the Goal/Strategy Notes from the respective Client Journal.

These Goal/Strategy Notes will appear in the report underneath the corresponding Client Journal header.

Data in the Notes field in the Journal Details section of the Client record will not be included in the Client Goals report.

Client Journals where the Goals/Strategy Notes field has been left blank (as per the above example) will still appear on the Client Goals report, however, the field below the corresponding Client Journal header will remain blank as there is no data to display.

N.B. Client Journals created prior to the release of v6.8.0 in August 2019 (which introduced the ability to link multiple Goals/Strategies) function differently. In the absence of data in the Goal/Strategy Notes field, data contained in the Notes field in the Journal Details section of the Client Journal will be included in the Client Goals report. 

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Print the Report

The Report can be printed by selecting the Print icon at the top of the Report:

N.B. Due to the amount of information included and the layout of the Report, it is recommended to print it using landscape orientation.

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