Configuration options for the Organisational Accident Incident Register (AIR)

The configuration options available for Staff with the 'Edit System Preferences' Staff Account Privilege, for the Organisational Accident Incident Register (AIR) are listed in this article. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Operations Management


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Risk Level Actions Description

The descriptions for the 'Risk Level Actions' which are displayed via the 'View Risk Level Actions' button in the Risk Assessment section of an Incident: 

Can be customised as required in the first tab of System Preferences, called Settings in the Incidents section: 

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Whilst many of the drop-down options available to select from in the Organisational Accident Incident Register (AIR) have default values and options available, it may be worth reviewing these to ensure the options available for Staff to select from throughout the AIR are relevant to your organisation. These include the following: 

  • Incident Investigation: Action Type
  • Incident: Behaviour Contributory Factors
  • Incident: Damage Property Type
  • Incident: Design Contributory Factors
  • Incident: Environment Contributory Factors
  • Incident: Informed Parties
  • Incident: Management Contributory Factors
  • Incident: Severity
  • Incident: Type
  • Injury: Body Parts - Abdominal, Arm, Back, Chest, Foot, Hand, Head, Leg, Shoulder
  • Investigation: Details
  • Investigation: Major Contributing Factors
  • Investigation: Documents
  • Investigation: Preventative Actions

Please read the Configuring Lists article for more comprehensive information regarding how to configure these drop-down options. 

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