How can temporary access to SupportAbility be granted for the purpose of an audit?

SupportAbility Manages Privacy using the combination of Site and Service. 

To address situations such as this, we have had other providers request the creation of a unique Site and Service titled something like 'Limited Access' or 'Audit' for this purpose. 

They have then also created a temporary Staff account for the required stakeholder, granting them with this limited access, along with including this Site/Service combination in the required Clients' records only.

Service and Site 

A Service may be created with the name 'Audit' for example, along with a Site with the name of 'Limited Access'. For example:


Client Service Participation

Once this is activated, it allows you the ability to give the Client/s requiring audit, access to the Site and Service via their Client Service Participation details in the Client Record:

Staff Account

Your organisation could then create a Staff Account for the Stakeholder, giving them itemised (limited) access only to this Site and Service:


This means they will only be able to view the Client's with the same itemised access. 

Once access is no longer required, we would suggest de-activating the Staff Account. By Unticking 'User is Active' on the Staff Account.

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