This article provides detailed information outlining what a 'Site' is and how it is structured in SupportAbility.

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Executive Management, Finance Team, Operations Management


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The Sites Concept video covers most of the information outlined in this article.  You may wish to view it alongside the information contained here.

What is a Site?

Generally speaking, a Site in SupportAbility is used to represent an office or physical location where Services are delivered or managed from.  

Some examples of Sites which you might create in SupportAbiity include:

  • Each office where Services are managed or delivered from
    e.g. Head Office, Melbourne (HQ), Sydney, 25 Smith Street, Inner West, 
  • Houses or Villas for accommodation Services
    e.g. Smith House, Bell Cottage, Hopetoun Springs Villa

We recommend that Sites do  not list every single location that Services are directly delivered from i.e. client homes, community centres, the local swim centre or other similar venues.  Details of these venues/locations will be entered in 'Activities' when tracking and managing service delivery.

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How does the structure of Sites and Services work?

It is important to note that the way in which Sites and Services are structured in your SupportAbility installation affects the following:

  • how privacy barriers are managed in SupportAbility
  • reporting data 
  • managing rosters 
  • financials

Privacy Barriers

The structure of Sites and Services is a fundamental factor in how privacy barriers are managed in SupportAbility, including Client information.

When the 'Sites and services where this staff member works' in Staff Accounts and the 'Client Service Participation' in Client records have been configured with the relevant Sites and Services, then privacy barriers are enforced accordingly.

For example, Staff who work in the 'Day Services' (Service) in 'Sydney' (Site) can only see Client information for Clients who participate in 'Day Services' at 'Sydney'. Those Staff cannot access Client information for Clients who participate in 'Day Services' at 'Melbourne'.

For more information on privacy barriers please refer to the Managing Privacy article, linked below, or the Privacy Barriers video on the 'Core' tab, in the Learning Centre of your installation.

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What if our Services are primarily delivered in-home or out in the community?

If the majority of your Services are delivered outside your office/s and are primarily delivered in-home, or are community-based, there are two approaches to setting up Sites that you may wish to consider:

  1. Set up a single 'Site' to represent the location these services are managed from

    It is fine to have only one Site e.g. the primary office location where these Services are managed from.

  2. Set up multiple 'Sites' to represent different regions 

    This option is about creating multiple 'Sites' to represent each of the geographical regions where Services are managed/delivered in-home or in the community. Staff access to Client information can then be set up, restricting access by region.

    For example, Staff who work only in the 'CBD (VIC)' Site would not be able to view Client records that participate in Services in the 'South Eastern (VIC)' Site.

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Adding a new Site

To add a new Site to your SupportAbility installation please contact our Customer Success team who will assist by creating the Site as required. Please send your request via your organisation's Authorised Representatives to with the name of the Site to be created.

Once SupportAbility has added this Site to your installation, there is some required configuration to be completed by your organisation, to ensure it is configured correctly for use in other areas of SupportAbility.

Configuration Prerequisites

Before configuring a Site within SupportAbility, we recommend your Services have been configured first, to ensure they are available for selection at this Site.

Please refer to the Configuring Services article linked below, for information on how to complete this.  

Configuring the new Site

The required configuration for a new Site is as follows:

  • make available the relevant Services which are delivered or managed from this Site (required)
  • Configure General Ledger (GL) Codes for this Service at the relevant Sites (required)
  • Update the 'Only Team Leaders Can Edit Activities' setting (if relevant)
  • update the 'Sites and services where this staff member works' section in all relevant Staff Accounts (required)
  • update the 'Client Service Participation' section in all relevant Client records (required)

For information regarding how to complete this configuration once a new Site has been added, please refer to the  Configuring Sites article, linked below, or the Configuring Sites video on the 'Configuration' tab, in the Learning Centre of your installation.

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