Detailed BPR Report export

Following a Direct BPR being generated, the Direct BPR export is available for downloading and uploading to the myplace provider portal. In addition to this, a Detailed BPR Report is also available for download. The Detailed BPR Report can be exported from any existing Direct BPR. 

This detailed report contains all of the information displayed about each of the included Allocations, as well as some additional information for reference. This report export may be useful for cross-referencing data between SupportAbility, the myplace provider portal and your organisation's finance system. 

This article discusses how to download the Detailed BPR Report export and the included data. 


  • 'View Financial Information' in combination with either: 
    • 'Team Leader for ALL Services' 
    • 'Edit Client Records Across ALL Services' 

Audience: Finance team


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How to download the Detailed BPR Report

To locate the relevant Direct BPR you wish to export this Report for, navigate to the Finance menu and select List Direct BPRs:

This opens a list of all the Direct BPRs that have been generated. In this case, we wish to review BPR #44 which can be selected from the list: 

The Detailed BPR Report is downloadable from the Actions menu of the Edit Direct BPR page: 

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Data included in the Detailed BPR Report export

The detailed report export includes all of the information about each of the Allocations as displayed in the BPR, as well as some additional information regarding finance to assist with reconciliation. 

  • Client Name
  • Client ID
  • NDIS Number
  • Activity From Date 
  • Activity From Time
  • Activity End Date
  • Activity End Time
  • Activity Name - Activity Description
  • Activity ID
  • Program - the Program added to the associated Activity (blank when not configured or selected)
  • Site - the Site the associated Activity is being facilitated at or managed from
  • Service - the Service the associated Activity is being facilitated at or managed from

  • Support Item Reference Number 
  • Support Item Name
  • Support Category Number
  • Support Category Name
  • Quantity
  • Unit of Measure
  • Cost Type - as selected for the relevant Transport, Activity Based Transport, or Provider Travel Non-Labour Costs Supports 
  • Claim Type
  • Short Notice Cancellation Reason

  • Claimed Price - the Price for the Allocation that was claimed
  • Claimed Value Inc. GST - the Price for the Allocation that was claimed, including GST
  • BPR ID
  • Claim Reference - the Claim Reference used as the unique identifier in the Direct BPR download for the portal
  • Invoice Item Reference - the Invoice Item Number Reference 
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Batch
  • Claim Status - Accepted, Rejected 
  • Rejected Claim Reason - when the BPRF has been uploaded to the BPR in SupportAbility, the reason for any Rejected Payment Requests is included and displayed here and on screen
  • Processing Status - populates the most currently Processing Status of the Allocation:
    • No Claim Status
    • Accepted
    • Rejected
    • Invoiced
    • Cancelled
    • Retry
  • BPRF Price - the Price for the Allocation that was paid, as per the BPRF
  • BPRF Value Inc. GST - the Price for the Allocation that was paid, as per the BPRF, including GST
  • Notes - any notes added to the Allocation in the BPR 
  • Allocated Quantity - the Allocated Quantity
  • Allocated Price - the Allocated Price
    • N.B. Notional Unit Price Supports are Allocated at the correct Quantity and Price in the NDIS Support Allocations window, and when the Price is over $1, SupportAbility automatically converts the calculation to align with the $1 Unit Price claiming requirement. This is why some Allocations may have a different Quantity and Claimed Price vs. the Allocated Quantity and Allocated Price. Please see the Notional Unit Price Support Items article for more information, linked below for reference. 
  • Notional Unit Price Support - Yes/No

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