Client Details tab overview

The Client Details tab is where Client records are made Active and important information related to the Client is recorded, including personal details, Client Service Participation, and Consent is captured. 

This article provides an overview of the different sections of this tab in the Client record and includes a section regarding related learning content for reference. 

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Client Details tab overview

The Client Details tab is divided up into the following sections:

  • Client Details - A comprehensive profile where information such as contact details, preferred contact method, NDIS number, and other additional information can be recorded
  • Client Service Participation - The Sites and Services that the individual participates in are recorded here including their Start and End Date, the Status of their participation and who their Key Support Worker is. This is an essential component that determines which Staff Members can access the Client record
  • Consent - The level of Consent a Client has granted your organisation can be recorded, along with any relevant Consent Exclusions in the Consent section of this tab
  • Administration Details - This is used to capture details such as the Client's Local Government Area (LGA), Local Area Coordinator (LAC), NDIS Planner, and contact details for their Local NDIS Office where relevant
  • Privacy Settings - The Privacy Settings section is scheduled for removal, if your organisation wishes to alert Staff to such information we recommend entering the information as a general 'Warning' in the Status tab of the Client record, and assigning it the relevant risk level.  This information will then populate in the 'Warning' bar at the top of the Client record
  • External Services - If a Client participates in external Services, your organisation may choose to record basic details of the Client's participation with these providers here

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