Incomplete Client Records and Search Report

This article provides detailed information relating to the information required to create a 'Complete' Client record, including the mandatory fields that must be entered in order for this to be deemed complete. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Support Staff


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What information is needed to deem a Client record 'complete'?

Information is needed on Client Details, Client Contacts and possibly the Client Documents tab in order to deem a Client record 'complete' and ensure Incomplete Client record warnings no longer appear. 

Client Details tab

The following information is required to be completed in the Client Details tab of the Client record: 

Client Details

In the 'Client Details' section of the Client Details tab, the following fields require completion: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • NDIS Number
    • A valid 9 digit NDIS Number (no more or no less than 9 digits, and no spaces between the numbers) is required if the Client has an NDIS Funding record
  • Street Address
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Post Code
  • Home Phone OR Mobile
  • Date of Birth

Client Service Participation
  • A 'Primary' Site/Service must be allocated in the 'Client Service Participation' section of Client Details, to reflect the primary Service that the Client participates in
  • All the Client Service Participation records need to have 'Key Support Worker' recorded, including historical records

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Client Contacts tab

  • At least one Client Contact in relation to the Client must be entered, along with their contact information
    • First Name
    • Relationship
    • Work OR Home OR Mobile number

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Client Documents Tab

If your organisation has configured compulsory Document Types for any of the Services a Client participates in, a current Document of this type must be uploaded to the Client's Documents tab in order for the record to be deemed as 'complete'. 

In the case where a compulsory Document Type is required and the relevant file has not been uploaded this will trigger an Incomplete Client Warning:

N.B. If a Document record for a compulsory Document Type has been marked as Obsolete:

The Incomplete Client Warning will appear that a  current Document of this type is required.  

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Incomplete Client Warnings

If any of this information is missing, an 'Incomplete' Client Warning will appear:

Clicking on the warning at the top of the page provides information regarding why the record is incomplete: 

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Incomplete Client Records Search

There is a Report to assist in identifying Incomplete Client Records. 

Navigate to the Reports menu. Under the Client Reports section is the 'Find Incomplete Client Records' search: 

This allows you to search by Client's who participate in specific Services and or Sites, along by specifics of what remains incomplete i.e. [Compulsory] Documents, Contacts and/or Services (Client Service Participation): 

N.B. The Incomplete selection options: Documents, Contacts & Services, works as an AND search when more than one option is selected. This means that selecting Documents + Contacts + Services will only return Client Records that have all 3 incomplete. 

Understanding this, it might be worth running a report for each option independently, to produce a complete list.

The list results can then be worked through: 

Your organisation may choose to add a Bookmark for the most relevant Staff Member to complete this action: 

This will then appear on the Staff Members Dashboard to alert them to this: 

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