Client FPM tab overview

The Client FPM tab provides an overview of the current and historical Plan Managed Client Funding records, External Invoices and Direct Invoices for Plan Management Fees for the Client. These records are accessible via the target icons and links. This is also where new Plan Managed Client Funding records are added as required.

This article provides an overview of the different sections of this tab in the Client record and includes a section regarding related learning content for reference. 

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The Financial Plan Management (FPM) tab will be available if the Client participates in an NDIS Plan Management Service and is only be visible to Staff Members with access to this Service by having:

  • access to the Plan Management Service itemised in the 'Sites and Services this Staff Member works in' section of their Staff Account, or 
  • either of the following global Security Privileges: 'Edit Team Leader Across All Services' or 'Edit Client Records Across ALL Services'

When a Staff Member has access to a Client's FPM tab, this allows them to enter External Invoices received from Service Providers for inclusion in External Invoice Batches for their finance system and Plan Managed BPRs for claiming. 

However, Staff Members also need the 'View Financial Information' Security Privilege in order to view or create Plan Managed Client Funding records for the individual, and ideally, should have access to the myplace provider portal to check funding balances where required and are also tasked with entering Service Bookings. 

The tab is divided into multiple sections: 

  • Plan Managed Client Funding - New Plan Managed Client Funding records can be added here. A summary of all current and historical Plan Managed Client Funding records are displayed including the Funding Type, Start and End Date of the Funding, the included Plan Managed Fees Budget and Plan Managed Funds Budget. Historic Funding records are listed here with a grey background for reference.
  • NDIS Service Providers and Invoice Received - NDIS Service Providers that your organisation has received External Invoices for this Client from can be added here once they have been configured. Once the Service Provider has been added, External Invoices can be added by selecting 'Add a new invoice'. 

    The External Invoices that have been entered for the Client for each Service Provider is listed next to this for reference. 'Show more' can be selected to view all. 
  • Direct Invoices for Plan Management Fees - The Direct Invoices for any Plan Management fees that have been generated are listed here. 

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