Adding an NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding record

NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding is designed for providers who offer (Financial) Plan Management Services under the NDIS.  It is used to: 

  • validate the Funds your organisation has a Service Booking in place to manage,
  • assist in managing Budgets and Utilisation of these Funds effectively,
  • determine and validate the NDIS Supports available for inclusion in External Invoices, and
  • determine the Plan Management Fees available to be allocated in Activities, for providing these Services.

Audience: Finance Team and those responsible for entering and updating NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding records


The following list summarises the content within this article. Click on the links below to take you to the relevant sections:


Your organisation   must be ready to enter External Invoices and generate NDIS Bulk Payment Requests using SupportAbility

We recommend that NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding records are not entered until your organisation is ready to begin using SupportAbility to enter External Invoices and generate NDIS Bulk Payment Requests. 

NDIS Plan Management Strategy

For providers who deliver Direct Services to certain Clients, in addition to Financial Intermediary, the way in which Client Funding and Invoice Processing will be managed for these Clients must also have been considered and decided upon. For more information regarding this, please review the  NDIS Plan Management Strategy article, linked below for reference

NDIS configuration must be completed

Each of the NDIS Configuration requirements must be completed as outlined in the  Steps to set up and use SupportAbility for Plan Management article linked below for reference.

Staff requirements

Staff tasked with adding NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding records require access to the Client's FPM tab. This is granted by having: 

  • access to the same Plan Management Service itemised in the 'Sites and Services this Staff Member works in' section of their Staff Account, or 
  • either of the following global Security Privileges: 'Edit Team Leader Across All Services' or 'Edit Client Records Across ALL Services'

Staff Members also need the 'View Financial Information' Security Privilege in order to view or create Plan Managed Client Funding records for the individual, and ideally, have access to the myplace provider portal to check funding balances where required and are also tasked with entering Service Bookings. 

Client Service Participation

The Client's whom your organisation is providing Financial Intermediary for, must have your organisation's 'NDIS Financial Plan Management' Service listed in their  Client Service Participation

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Adding an NDIS Plan Managed Funding record

For a comprehensive overview of this record, we recommend watching the NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding video in the Funding section of the Learning Centre: 

To view, create or edit NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding records, Staff require access to the Client's FPM tab and the 'View Financial Information' Staff Account privilege. 

To access the Client's FPM tab, Staff must work in the NDIS FPM Service the Client participates in, or have the relevant Security privileges in their Staff Account granting them global access. 

Note that the NDIS - Plan Managed Funding record includes two tabs: 

  • Client Funding Details, and
  • Utilisation

Client Funding Details - configure Funding and define Budgets

The Client Funding Details tab is where the Client's Plan Managed Fees and Funds are configured, and the Budgets for each are defined.

Utilisation - Expenditure of Funds

The Utilisation tab is where the expenditure of the Client's Plan Managed Funds are viewed. For more information regarding this, please review the NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding Utilisation article. 

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Client Funding Details tab

The Client Funding Details tab, contains three sections, Client Funding Settings, Plan Managed Fees and Plan Managed Funds

Client Funding Settings

The information entered when adding the record is included in the Client Funding Settings:

A   Name for this record is pre-populated and defaults to the 'Funding Type + Funding Period and the SupportAbility Client Funding record #ID.

If you wish to update the name of this record to something other than what is pre-populated, simply click in the Name field and type in the desired name for the funding. 

The  Initial Price Guide refers to the NDIS Price Guide that is active at the commencement of this Funding Period. 

The  Total Fees and Total Funds fields summarise the total value of the Budgets entered in the corresponding section. 

Client Funding Tags may be added so they can be used to identify and search for this record by the chosen attribute at a later stage. 

Three Client Documents may also be linked for reference. In order to select a document, it must first be uploaded to the relevant record, in this case, to the Client's Documents tab.

Once linked, a document can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the relevant icons:

More information on Downloading and Previewing Documents is available in the linked article.

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Plan Managed Fees

Entering information regarding the Client's Plan Managed Fees is required for SupportAbility to know which NDIS Support Items to make available for Allocation in the NDIS Plan Management Activities that the Client is scheduled into e.g. Monthly Administration Client only Activities.  

Supports for Plan Managed Fees can be added at the Flexible Category level, or the Support Item level, however, only Supports belonging to Category 14 will be available to add in this section. 

Note that the Financial Plan Manager for these Supports is the NDIA, meaning these Support are NDIA-managed. This does not need selection when adding Supports to the Plan Managed Fees section and cannot be edited. 

Allocating NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding to Activities

Once the Plan Managed Fees have been entered, NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding may be selected as the Client's Funding Source in Activities, in situations where:
• The Service for the Activity is an NDIS Financial Plan Management Service,
• The Service has been configured to accept NDIS Funding, and
• The Activity commences within the Funding Period

Once these Activities are approved by way of Sign Off, NDIS Direct Bulk Payment Requests (BPRs) may be generated for claiming.

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Plan Managed Funds

This section is where the Funds for each Support your organisation is managing on behalf of the Client are entered. Support Categories and/or Support Items may be added here and are ordered by category:

This is required for SupportAbility to know which NDIS Support Items to make available, for allocation in the Invoice Items added to External Invoices.

Once these External Invoices are approved by way of Sign Off, an External Invoice Batch may be generated for processing in your organisation's Finance system. The Invoice Items included, may then be claimed in an NDIS Plan Management Bulk Payment Request (BPR)

In addition to validating which Support Items should be available to allocate for this Client, a Total Budget Value may be entered, for the purpose of tracking Utilisation & Expenditure of these Funds. 

N.B. There is no mention of the Financial Plan Manager in the Plan Managed Funds section. Given we are entering an NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding record, this indicates that our organisation is the one managing these funds on behalf of the Client. 

It is important that the Total Budget Values entered against the Plan Managed Funds reflect the amount of Funding your organisation intends to manage via External Invoices in SupportAbility.

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Supports from previous Price Guide period 

Support Items from the previous Price Guide, that have since been removed, can be included in NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding records commencing after the 1st of July, 2020: 

The relevant Support Item/s must be added individually: 

Including a Budget (even if it is $0):

In order for this Support Item to be available for allocation in External Invoices: 

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Once NDIS Supports have been set up in the Client Funding Details tab, a summary of this information may be printed by selecting the print icon: 

Any notes and warnings are not populated in this print:

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