How to use the Quick Search to find specific records

This article outlines how to use the Quick Search to find specific records, including Client records, Shared Contact records and Staff Account records, based on the level of access you have. 

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Where is the Quick Search located?

The Quick Search is located at the top right corner of the screen.

The Quick Search can be accessed from the same place on every page within SupportAbility.

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What record types can be searched for using the Quick Search?

The Quick Search can be used to locate the following record types: 

  • Client records
  • Shared Contact records
  • Staff Account records

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Search results

A search can be completed with either the full or partial name of the record, however, there is a requirement to input a minimum of two (2) alphanumeric characters before the search will commence and display the search results: 

The total number of search results is limited to a maximum of 250 per record type. This is to limit potential performance issues that would otherwise occur for Staff Members with access to all Client and Staff records.

It is important to note that the results displayed are limited based on your Staff Account privileges. For example, only those with Team Leader, Human Resources or Edit User Accounts privileges will be able to see Staff Account records in the search results.

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Configuration options to control if only Active, or Active and Inactive records appear in the search results

By default, all SupportAbility Installations are configured to display 'Only Active records' when using the Quick Search or the Client Search for added efficiency so only Active records appear in these results. 

However, it is possible to configure this to display 'All records' which will include both Active and Inactive records in the Quick Search and the Client Search results.

This is configured by the relevant Staff Members in the 'Search and Active Defaults' section of the Settings tab in System Preferences and can be set to:

  • Only Active records, or
  • All records

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