What is Client Funding 'On Billing Hold' status?

When a Client Funding record is 'On Billing Hold' this means that the Funding record can continue to be utilised in Activities, however, all NDIS Support Allocations or other related Activity Charges utilising this are blocked from inclusion when generating BPRs and/or Invoice Batches.

When a Client Funding record is placed 'On Billing Hold' a badge to explain this appears in multiple places in SupportAbility. 

This includes in the Clients section of the Activity: 

And in the NDIS Support Allocations window: 

This feature has been designed to assist in situations where an organisation has determined a participant's Funding has ended, but the new NDIS Plan and/or Funding is not yet known for example. 

Placing a Client's Funding record 'On Billing Hold' allows NDIS Support Allocations to be added to Activities for the participant when they are continuing to receive services and your organisation does not wish to include the associated billing assets in financial processing yet. 

For more information regarding this, please see the How to place a Client Funding record ‘On Billing Hold’ and remove this when ready to generate billing assets article linked below. 

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