Activity costs

Activity costs can be used to generate invoices for shared or fixed dollar amounts to Clients, or to track expenditure of these costs as required. 

There are two options available -  Shared Activity Costs for group services, and/or Individual Activity Costs

N.B. Activity costs are one of the non-NDIS billing functions in SupportAbility. 

Shared Activity Costs

If an additional expense for an Activity is incurred that needs to be tracked and/or invoiced, this may be entered in as a shared cost under one of the following options: 

  • Accommodation
  • Petty Cash
  • Other 

Shared costs are amortised across the group of participants within the Activity so that each Client is charged an equal proportion of this cost. 

In the above example, there are two Clients participating in this group Activity and therefore the petty cash cost of $50 is split between them; $25 each: 

Following the shared Activity cost being entered, the corresponding 'Costs Funded By' section must be updated to reflect how the Client is paying for this cost. Please see below for an example. 

Individual Activity Costs 

Individual Activity Costs can be used to generate an invoice for a specific cost relating to the Activity was incurred related to an individual client, this can be recorded against the individual in the Activity Cost field e.g:  

In this case, we can see Tim has an Activity Cost of $10 and Erin has an activity cost of $5. 

Following the Activity Cost for each Client being entered, the corresponding 'Costs Funded By' section must be updated to reflect how the Client is paying for this cost. Please see below. 

Costs Funded By

For any Shared or individual Activity Costs entered, the corresponding ' Costs Funded By' section must be updated against the relevant category. 

The three available options are: 

  • Billable,
  • Funding Source (for non-NDIS funding only), or
  • Client Paid Using Own Money.

When  Billable is selected, an invoice can be generated for the Client to pay for this cost directly. 

When Funding Source is selected, the Activity cost will be deducted from the selected Funding source and the expenditure is accrued against this in the client funding record.  N.B. This is only an option for non-NDIS Funding types. Please see the NDIS section below for more information. 

When  Client Paid Using Own Money is selected, this simply indicates that no further action is required as the cost has been covered. 

For the Shared Costs example outlined above, we entered the charge into the 'Petty Cash' category. If an invoice needs to be generated to recoup these costs the 'Petty Cash' option in  Costs Funded By will need to be set to 'Billable':

This can be set on an individual basis to reflect how each Client will be covering their share of the costs. For example, when this is set to 'Funding Source', the amount is deducted from the Clients funding source selected.

If the Client paid their portion of these costs using their own money, this can be updated to reflect that an invoice is not required to be generated by selecting 'Client Paid Using Own Money' where appropriate: 

For individual Activity Costs, as outlined in the example above, the 'Activity' option in the  Costs Funded By must be updated to specify how the Activity Cost is being paid for. 


When a Client is paying for the Activity using NDIS Funding, Shared Costs and Activity costs cannot be covered using this funding source. The only options to select from in this case will be  Billable or Client Paid Using Own Money

If the Client has a relevant Support Category in their  NDIS Plan to cover Activity costs, the appropriate Support will need to be allocated in the NDIS Support Allocations window in order to generate an invoice. Please review the Allocating NDIS Support Items in Activities article for more information. 

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