How to opt-out of participating in Product Discovery

Continuous Product Discovery is a process designed to help SupportAbility better understand our customers' operations, challenges and requirements. We use the information and feedback gathered in this process to ensure the development completed for the SupportAbility product has the most positive impact on providers.

When an organisation agrees to participate in Product Discovery, each Staff Member can opt out of receiving short survey emails if required via My Staff Account. Each short email survey sent to Staff will also contain an unsubscribe link which will navigate you to My Staff Account to opt-out from receiving any further Continuous Product Discovery emails. 

This article outlines how to opt-out of participating in Product Discovery via My Staff Account. It is important to note that if your organisation has not agreed to participate in SupportAbility's Continuous Product Discovery process in System Preferences, you will not see this option in My Staff Account. 

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How to opt-out of participating in Product Discovery via My Staff Account

When an organisation chooses to participate in the Continuous Product Discovery process, individual Staff can choose to opt-out of the process at any time via My Staff Account: 

To opt-out of this process, navigate to the 'Product Discovery' section in the first tab and select the 'Change' button:

You can update your individual participation in this process here, by selecting 'No thanks' and then 'Save': 

Provided your organisation has activated 'Participate in Product Discovery' in System Preferences, you can return to your My Staff Account page within SupportAbility at any time to resume your personal participation in Product Discovery.

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