How to participate in Product Discovery

Continuous Product Discovery is a process designed to help SupportAbility better understand our customers' operations, challenges and requirements. We use the information and feedback gathered in this process to ensure the development completed for the SupportAbility product has the most positive impact on providers.

This article outlines how to manage your organisation's participation in SupportAbility's Continuous Product Discovery process.

Prerequisites: We recommend reviewing the Continuous Product Discovery for the evolution of SupportAbility article, linked in the Related Articles section at the bottom of this article, as this details more information about Product Discovery and the key reasons why it is important for providers to participate in this process. 

Privileges: Only Authorised Representatives can update this setting and access to System Preferences is required. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, System Administrator


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Why participate in Product Discovery?

Continuous Product Discovery is a process and agile methodology that aims to address the limitations outlined above by allowing us to conduct small and more frequent discovery initiatives throughout the product development lifecycle. It allows us to obtain timely answers to important questions from the most appropriate audience, in the most efficient manner possible.

Participating in Product Discovery gives your organisation’s SupportAbility users a way to provide valuable input into how we build and implement features in the SupportAbility product.  

Product Discovery short email surveys will form an important part of how we design and build software solutions for our subscriber base moving forward.  We encourage all providers to activate this feature in system preferences and inform their staff of the value of participating in this process.

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What can we expect when participating in Product Discovery?

By participating in Product Discovery, you are authorising the SupportAbility product team to send the occasional short 1-2 question email survey to your organisation's SupportAbility users at their Staff Account Email Address registered in SupportAbility.

We recommend before activating this feature, that organisations communicate with their staff to inform them that the organisation has agreed to participate in SupportAbility’s Continuous Product Discovery process and that they may receive the occasional short email survey, in order to assist in the continued evolution of SupportAbility and that their participation is very much appreciated. 

It is our intention to make this as efficient as possible and to do this any communications will be kept to a minimum. To clarify, for each short survey sent, this will only be sent to between 10 - 25 Staff Members across our entire subscriber base (approximately 100 providers) and only to Staff at providers who have opted-in to participate in Product Discovery. Given we use the data in SupportAbility to determine who are the most relevant individuals to contact based on the features that they use and the frequency of their use of these features, the likelihood of Staff receiving even one, or more than one Product Discovery email per year is fairly low.

It is important to note that Staff can opt out of participating at any time. Please see the  How to opt-out of participating in Product Discovery article linked below for more information. 

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Configuring SupportAbility to participate in Product Discovery

To participate in Product Discovery, navigate to the Settings tab in System Preferences: 

To 'Participate in Product Discovery', select the Change button, noting that only Authorised Representatives will be able to update this. 

Provided you are an Authorised Representative, the Product Discovery modal will be displayed where you can choose 'Yes' and select the 'Save' button to confirm your participation in Product Discovery:

Once saved, notice that the 'Participate in Product Discovery' setting is now set to 'Yes':

It is important to note that your organisation's participation in Product Discovery can be updated to 'No' at any time.  This will exclude your organisation from this process and your staff will no longer receive any further Product Discovery emails.

If you have access to System Preferences but are not an Authorised Representative and try to update this setting, you will see the following message: 

If this is the case, please get in touch with one of the Authorised Representatives at your organisation to update this for you. 

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