Understanding the Graphical Statistics (Annual Report)

This article discusses considerations when analysing the results of the Graphical Statistics (Annual Report). 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Executive Management


Considerations when analysing the results

Within the Graphical Statistics report, clients can participate in multiple Services across multiple Sites simultaneously, so you need to account for that when analysing the statistics provided.

For example, if a single male Client participates in both the Day Service at the Melbourne Site and also the Day Service at the Fitzroy Site, in the statistics, SupportAbility will indicate that both the Melbourne and Fitzroy Sites have one male service participant. 

Furthermore, the 'Total' number of males on the graph is still only one, because when looking at it more broadly, this only represents a single individual.  Therefore Site values will not always add up to equal the total value.

Of course, you can always manually derive these and many other statistics using the Client Search and the available Client List export.

Where is the 'Client Areas of Reside' information collected from?

Client Areas of Reside = Client Street Address Suburb

Currently, we have large numbers allocated to 'other'? Can you advise what data entry specifics are required to ensure the accuracy of reporting?

This report only provides statistics for the six most common suburbs and then allocates everything else to Other. This is done to ensure that the pie chart isn't so fragmented so as to become difficult to read. Filtering the report by Site, may help to show top 6 suburbs by a specific area. 

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