HR3 Time Sheet Batch export

This article is designed to assist providers in understanding the HR3 Time Sheet Batch export, which can be used to achieve Payroll integration for HR3.

It is important to note that this export was developed in 2016 to align with the HR3 Payrun import file specification v3.0, which was the current specification at the time.

Audience: Finance Team


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Export Overview

The Time Sheet Batch for HR3 export is available from the Actions menu after the Time Sheet Batch has been generated:

The export is in .csv format and is based on the HR3 Payrun import file specification v3.0.

While the export can be opened in Excel to review prior to importing it into HR3, it is important to note that if not done correctly, Excel may incorrectly apply its own formatting resulting in the data being changed.

Please refer to the How to open CSV files safely with Microsoft Excel for more information.

Most notably, the export does not have column headers.


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Export structure

The export is made up of three elements:

  1. Time Sheet Batch Header
  2. Employee Header
  3. Employee Time Sheet

When there are multiple Time Sheets for multiple Staff Members, the data is structured as follows:

  • Time Sheet Batch Header
    • Employee 1 Header
      • Employee 1 Time Sheet 1
      • Employee1 Time Sheet 2
      • Employee 1 Time Sheet 3
    • Employee 2 Header
      • Employee 2 Time Sheet 1
      • Employee 2 Time Sheet 2
      • Employee 2 Time Sheet 1

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Time Sheet Batch Header

The first row of the export contains the following:



A Hardcoded to “StandardImportFile”
B Hardcoded to “V3.0”
C The date the time sheet batch was generated - YYYYMMDD

Employee Header

Time Sheets are grouped by Staff Member. 

Each grouping starts with the following to indicate that the subsequent Time Sheets relate to that employee:



A Hardcoded to “0”
B ‘Payroll System Identifier' will pad with '0’ to meet the six character minimum. E.g. ‘451’ will be ‘000451’
C Hardcoded to “P”

Employee Time Sheet

Staff Member’s Time Sheets appear below their corresponding Employee Header.

The hours worked in each Shift are automatically divided into the relevant Time Sheet Category based on SupportAbility’s Time Sheet Categorisation rules.

There are known limitations with how SupportAbility currently completes Time Sheet Categorisation, however, many providers have had success with utilising the Time Sheet data from SupportAbiliity as a starting point and then completing any required manipulation of the data prior to ingesting it into their Payroll system.

For more information on how the Time Sheet Categorisation is completed and the known limitations, please see the  Staff Timesheet Categorisation article linked below. 

Private Kms will appear as a separate entry.


HR3 Spec v3.0

SupportAbility Description
A Status Hardcoded to '5'
B Employee ID ‘Payroll System Identifier' will pad with '0’ to meet the six character minimum. E.g. ‘451’ will be ‘000451’
C Pay Item First three characters of the corresponding ‘Payroll Time Type Codes' as configured in System Preferences.E.g. ‘STANDARD_HRS’ will be ‘STA’
D Department Code Empty
E Hours / Units Number of hours of as per Time Sheet Categorisation or Private Kms
F Rate of Pay Empty
G Leave Start Date Empty
H Leave Finish Date Empty
I Leave Reason Empty
J Memo The Memo is comprised of the following:
  • Shift From Date and Time
  • Shift To Date and Time
  • Site and Service
  • Activity Description
  • Activity ID

E.g. 27/09/2023 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM: 12 Frank Street > Accommodation and Support: Group Home 24hr Care Tuesday (#9337) N.B. Shift To Date and Time is only displayed the date if the From Date is different to the To Date

K Print Memo Hardcoded to '0'
L Charge out rate Empty
M Job Code As per Job Code Component configuration. If Job Codes have not been configured, then this field will be empty.
N Std or Avg rate Empty
O Tax weeks Empty

Std earnings Empty

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