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In the interest of providing greater transparency regarding planned enhancements and new features, details of the current SupportAbility Roadmap are updated here for the benefit of our subscriber base.  

The roadmap lists the key changes we plan to make to SupportAbility over the next 6 months. It is not designed to be a complete or final list. Instead, it is focussed on providing information regarding upcoming changes that will affect the way our subscribers use the product for the purpose of forward-planning. 

For further details on the process that SupportAbility utilises to determine this roadmap, please view our knowledge base article The Roadmap Process at SupportAbility

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6 Month Roadmap

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Staff Hours Report Export

The 'Staff Hours Report' is useful in obtaining information pertaining to the number of hours Staff members have either worked or are scheduled to work, within a specified date range.

The popular report will be enhanced to provide a detailed export facility to allow providers to undertake further analysis on the report results outside SupportAbility.

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Contextual Help

We put a lot of effort into creating quality content in our Knowledge Base and Learning Centre to ensure that providers can achieve success with the SupportAbility product. 

However, at the moment this learning content is not easily accessible and the Knowledge Base is not integrated with the SupportAbility product itself. In 2021 we will be introducing contextual help via a new help menu on all SupportAbility pages which will include a link to the Learning Centre and Knowledge Base, as well as a list of the most relevant articles and videos related to the current page. 

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Global Client Goal Reporting

This new report will allow providers to search for, and report on Client Goals and Goal Strategies based on criteria such as Goal and Strategy dates, status, and even the Sites and Services that Clients participate in. 

The search results will include all Goals and Strategies that match the search criteria and will display the last assessment score for any Strategies displayed.

A detailed export will also be provided to facilitate further analysis outside SupportAbility.

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Improved Client List Exports

The Client List screen displays Client records based on the parameters of the Client Search. Many of the export formats available from the Client list screen were designed for older, non-NDIS funding models and others have evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of providers over time. 

It's time that we retire the old exports and fine-tune the relevant ones to make sure that providers have the correct information, suitable for their purpose.

To this extent, the list of export options will be updated to the following:

  • Download Client List
  • Download Client List including Client Contacts
  • Download Primary Contact Information
  • Download Billing Contact Information

The following options will also be removed as part of this upgrade due to the information being included in the above exports:

  • Download Mailing Label Data for Client List (with contacts)
  • Download Mailing Label Data for Client List (without contacts)
  • Download NDIS NGO Data Collection for Client List
  • Download DHHS NDIS Data Collection for Client List
  • Download MDS Data for Client List

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Following This

BPR Enhancement: Rejection Action Amend

Over the past year, we've been working to improve the quality & accuracy of the data included in and produced by SupportAbility for Agency Managed Supports by handling claim rejections. 

SupportAbility v7.0 (8th of October, 2020) introduced the ability to import the Bulk Payment Results File (BPRF) from the portal, manage Rejected claims in SupportAbility and only include Accepted Allocations in Direct Invoice Batches for NDIA Invoices aiming to simplify finance reconciliation. 

The final component of this project introduces a third Rejection Action option; Amend.  Amend allows providers to made adjustments to any Payment Request Item errors rejected by the portal. This facility first Cancels the original rejected NDIS Support Allocation and then allows providers to re-allocate the correct Supports, with the correct quantity, at the correct Price, so that these adjustments can then be included in subsequent BPR's for claiming successfully.

Whilst the 'Amend' functionality has been listed here in the Roadmap, we do not have an ETA on this as yet due to a number of factors. The reason that this functionality was not included in v7 initially, is due to the fact that this would have held up the release by another 4-6 months in addition to the 10 months it had already taken, noting that the five Price Guide updates in the last Price Guide period also had a significant impact on the speed in which this could be finalised.

It was also critical that the functionality introduced with the release of v7 (i.e. Claim Status, uploading the BPRF, Retry and Cancel) was released as a starting point to lay the foundations for what will inevitably end up being the most valuable feature of this overarching development project i.e. the ability to make Amendments. The insight that is being gained as a result of providers starting to use this new functionality and uploading BPRFs into SupportAbility is invaluable and is greatly assisting business analysis of the Amend functionality.

We will be keeping this article and the  Enhancements to Direct Bulk Payment Requests (BPRs) article updated with more information regarding this in due course. 

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Results of the recent development prioritisation poll (July 2020)

Our mission here at SupportAbility is to help providers meet the challenges of delivering under the NDIS.  We strive to constantly enhance our product to meet the ever-changing nature of the scheme.

As we were putting the finishing touches on SupportAbility v7, the 2020/21 NDIS Price Guide was released which is in many ways, the most challenging Price Guide the Agency has released in the past 7 years.  Not only does this Price Guide affect the efficiency and viability of many services, but it also requires significant Engineering responses to implement its vast array of changes.

Whilst we plan to implement each of the core changes introduced by the new Price Guide, we wanted to involve our subscribers in the prioritisation of these development tasks to ensure that they were delivered in an order that benefits the most providers.  It was for this reason that in late July, we sent out our first-ever roadmap poll to our subscribers, asking them to vote on the features that mattered most to their organisation, and also which items mattered least. A total of 24 votes from our subscribers was received and we commenced the work of analysing these results. 

We are pleased to share these results with you all:

Based on this we can confirm that we will be addressing and releasing these items in the following order:

  • Improvements to Agency Managed Supports (SupportAbility v7) - Released October 8th,
  • Participant Transport and Provider travel
  • Fractions of Price for Group Supports
  • The New Approach for Group Supports

The roadmap outlined above has now been updated and ordered as such. We would like to thank all providers that participated in this poll and helped us understand the most important items for their organisation. We appreciate that not everyone will be happy with these results, as every organisation has different needs and priorities. However, we undertook this process in the interests of fairness and transparency to ensure that all providers had a voice in the process. 

We continue to work hard to ensure that SupportAbility is the best solution for NDIS service providers and is responsive to the ever-changing demands of the scheme. We look forward to delivering each of these features as soon as we possibly can to help you, our subscribers, deliver quality NDIS services and claim for those services in an accurate and efficient manner.

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