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In the interest of providing greater transparency regarding planned enhancements and new features, details of the current SupportAbility Roadmap are updated here for the benefit of our subscriber base.  

The roadmap lists the key changes we plan to make to SupportAbility over the next 12 months. It is not designed to be a complete or final list. Instead, it is focused on providing information regarding upcoming changes that will affect the way our subscribers use the product for the purpose of forward planning. 

For further details on the process that SupportAbility utilises to determine this roadmap, please view our Knowledge Base article The Roadmap Process at SupportAbility

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6 Month Roadmap

Major Project: Greater Billing Flexibility

In response to the February 2021 Roadmap Survey results, our major project for 2021 around improved billing flexibility is well underway. This project will introduce greater billing flexibility in SupportAbility for Agency Managed, Plan Managed and Self Managed NDIS Supports. The project will be delivered across several version releases to reduce the impact on providers whilst delivering these much-needed features as promptly as possible, with many of the initial stages of the project having already been released and in the hands of our providers!

Place NDIS Client Funding on 'Billing Hold'

Providers continually tell us of the challenges associated with delivering services to Clients, whilst they await new NDIS funding plan details from the NDIA, or Service Agreement being signed.  

To work around this, many providers currently create a new 'Place Holder' NDIS Client Funding record so that it can be selected as the Funding Source in Activities moving forward, and supports can continue to be allocated.  However, given that this new NDIS Client Funding record is only a 'Place Holder' and does not represent an actual NDIS Plan yet, no Service Bookings will exist, meaning that Invoices and Bulk Payment Requests should not be generated for these Activities until a real NDIS Plan is established and received.

To assist with this process, we will be adding a new 'On Billing Hold' mode for NDIS Client Funding records.  Placing an NDIS Client Funding record On Billing Hold means that any Allocated Supports in Activities where the On Hold Client Funding record is selected as the Funding Source will be automatically excluded when generating Invoices and Bulk Payment Requests.

Once the new NDIS Plan is received, the 'Place Holder' NDIS Client Funding record can be adjusted to match the actual NDIS Plan and then the Billing Hold can be removed.  Once the Billing Hold is removed, all the unbilled and unclaimed Support Allocations for this Funding Source will become available for inclusion when generating Invoices and Bulk Payment Requests.

This workflow will allow Supports to continue to be Allocated as normal whilst still allowing other participants in Group Activities to be invoiced and claimed, even whilst one participant is awaiting a new NDIS Plan.  

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Staff and Client Immunisation Records

Immunisation management for both Staff and Clients is quickly becoming a critical requirement for service providers to ensure continuity of service whilst ensuring safety for all parties.  

A feature is being developed to assist providers to record immunisations in both Staff and Client records, to which an unlimited number of immunisations can be added.  

A new Immunisations section will be added to 

  • the Status tab in Client records, and 
  • a new Health tab in Staff Accounts 
    • N.B. this new tab will be viewable by Staff Members with access to the individual's Staff Account by way of the Team Leader and/or Human Resources privileges

Each Immunisation record will contain the following fields:

  • Date: To record the date of the immunisation
  • Immunisation Type: This will be a pull-down menu, with the options available based on an editable List (similar to Client Medical Conditions and Behaviours)
  • Document: The ability to link previously uploaded Documents to the relevant Client/Staff record, that represent proof of immunisation. Once a document is linked to the Immunisation record, the standard Document Download and Preview buttons will display as appropriate to the Document linked.
  • Notes: Notes may be used to track things like additional details about the immunisation or vaccine (such as Pfizer or Astra Zeneca for COVID-19 Immunisations).

Please see a rough mock-up below for reference:

The above updates are expected in the upcoming upgrade to SupportAbility v7.17 which at this stage is expected in late October, 2021. 

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Staff and Client Immunisation Management

Comprehensive searching functionality to allow providers to quickly identify Staff/Clients that are either immunised or yet to be immunised for a particular disease. 

Staff Members will be able to use filters such as Immunisation Type, Date range, and Notes to answer critical service delivery questions. Detailed search results will be available both on-screen and via CSV export.

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Major Project: Greater Billing Flexibility - cont.

Billing flexibility after Activity Sign Off

SupportAbility will be changing the way the Activity Sign Off is used to provide greater billing flexibility.  Moving forward, the Activity Sign Off will primarily be used to signal to the Finance Team that the Activity is ready to be picked up for billing when generating Direct Invoice Batches or BPRs.  Whilst it will lock the Activity from making any additional edits for most Staff Members, we will be providing Finance Admin Staff (those who can currently generate invoice batches and BPRs) with the ability to make additional changes after the Sign Off has been performed, including:

  1. Editing and Removing NDIS Support Allocations: SupportAbility will allow Finance Admin Staff to edit and remove NDIS Support Allocations for a Client in a Signed-Off Activity as long as there are no billing assets (Direct Invoices or BPRs) associated with that Client's participation in that Activity.
  2. Adding NDIS Support Allocations: SupportAbility will allow Finance Admin Staff to add new NDIS Support Allocations for a Client in an Activity that has been Signed Off at any time, regardless of any existing Billing assets.  This is important to allow Finance Staff to create replacement Support Allocations in cases where Supports were billed incorrectly, the incorrect Supports Allocations were Cancelled (in Direct Invoices or BPRs) and then new support Allocations need to be added to replace them (eg. in situations where an incorrect quantity or reference number was used).
  3. Editing the Activity Cost: SupportAbility will allow Finance Admin Staff to edit the Activity Costs and Activity 'Cost Funded By' setting for a Client in an Activity that has had the Sign Off complete, as long as the Activity Cost is not already included in an invoice.
  4. Changing the Funding Source: SupportAbility will allow Finance Admin Staff to change the Funding Source for a Client in an Activity that has had the Sign Off complete, as long as there are no billing assets (Direct Invoices or BPRs) associated with that Client's participation in that Activity.

** N.B.: Finance Admin Staff require the 'View Financial Information' Staff Account privilege in combination with either the  'Edit ALL Client Records', or 'Team Leader for ALL Services' privilege.

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Billing flexibility after Support Logs

SupportAbility will be removing the NDIS Support Allocation locking implications of Client Support Logs in Activities to improve billing flexibility.  

Moving forward, the creation of a Client Support Log will no longer lock the Funding Source or NDIS Support Allocations for a Client's participation in an Activity.  

Furthermore, if changes are made to the NDIS Support Allocations after a Client Support Log via Digital Signature is created, SupportAbility will highlight the differences between the current state of the NDIS Support Allocations and their state when the Client originally signed the Support Log.

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Decommissioned feature notice - Legacy Client Record Privacy Settings

The Client privacy settings on the Client Details tab of the Client Record are a legacy item from the first release of SupportAbility over 10 years ago:

Our data analysis indicates that of the 80,000 Client Records stored in SupportAbility across all of our subscribing providers, less than 0.3% of these Client Records are using these settings. 

We have a policy of removing functionality that is not being used in an effort to improve the user experience by reducing system complexity, preserve screen real estate, and reduce bugs. We expect these Privacy Settings to be removed from the Client Details tab of the Client record by the end of 2021.

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12 Month Roadmap

SupportAbility - Mobile Phone version

In response to feedback from both current subscribing providers and prospective providers, we can confirm that, following the Billing Flexibility project, our next major project, expected to commence late in 2021, will be to create a mobile phone version of SupportAbility. 

This mobile-friendly version of SupportAbility will not provide access to the full functionality of the standard SupportAbility application, but will instead focus on providing access to the core functions required by support workers in the field.

Some of the functionality we are considering for the mobile version of  SupportAbility will include the ability for a Staff Member to:

  • Login securely
  • View their Roster
  • Access basic Client Details and Warnings
  • Access basic Activity information
  • Check-in and out of Activity-based shifts with geolocation
  • Enter the kilometres travelled in private and/or company vehicle
  • Collect a Digital Signature from a Client or their Nominee on a Support Log
  • Create Client Journals (case notes) and record Goal Progress
  • View mobile supported Client Documents and upload new Client Documents such as photos

Please be aware that this is a long-term major project that will require some interface changes to SupportAbility in readiness for this before the actual mobile interface is released. The actual mobile interface is expected to be released in late 2022.

It is yet to be determined if the mobile phone version of SupportAbility will be delivered in the form of a mobile application or a responsive web design.  We will be reviewing the technology options available and will provide more details once a decision on this has been made. 

We will be sending out a survey to our subscribing providers in the coming months to determine the functionality that they deem to be most important to deliver in the initial stages of this major project.  However, we welcome any ideas or suggestions that our providers would like to share with us by sending an email to

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