Client Billing Contact

If invoices need to be generated for a Client in cases where: 

  • the Client is Self managing all or part of their NDIS Funding, or 
  • Billable (Fee for Service) invoices are being generated for Activity costs

It is important to ensure the Billing contact is set correctly in the Client::Contacts tab as this will determine who these invoices are issued to, either the Client themselves or their nominated representative.

N.B Setting the Client billing contact is not required when the Client's funding is Agency managed, or they have a Plan Manager. Please see below for more information. 

Self Managed NDIS Funding

When a Client is Self managing their NDIS Funding, the billing contact in their Client::Contacts tab will need to be reviewed. 

If the Client is paying invoices directly, then the Billing Client Directly should be selected. This is set as the default: 

Setting the Client Billing Contact

If the Client has a representative other than themselves i.e. their nominee, responsible for managing their invoices, this individual must be added as a Contact and selected as the Billing Contact:

This is required in order for the correct option to be available when configuring their NDIS Funding, so that invoices will be generated for the correct recipient: 

Agency Managed or Plan Managed NDIS Funding

If however, the Client's funding is Agency managed, or they have a Plan Manager, these entities do not need to be added here as this is managed in SupportAbility in a different way. For more information, please review: 

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