What is a Client Journal?

Client Journals in SupportAbility refer to any case notes or evidence that is recorded about a Client. 

Journals may be added in several places in SupportAbility e.g. the 'Journal' tab of a Client record, within a 'Goal' or 'Goal Strategy' record, or from the Client section of an Activity.  Regardless of where they have been created, all Journals display and are accessible from the 'Journal' tab of the related Client record.

Staff Members are only able to view Journals for Clients they have access to either via the Site/Services they have listed in their Staff Account or additional high-level privileges they have been granted.

This article outlines information regarding creating a Client Journal, each section of the Client Journal record, and where Client Journals can be accessed.

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What is a Client Journal?

Client Journal entries are in essence any notes or evidence recorded by Staff who work and interact directly with Clients. Client Journals are an important way to document ongoing support and track Clients' progress towards their Goals.

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Where can Client Journals be created?

Journals can be created from a number of places in SupportAbility:

  • Directly from the 'Journal' tab of a Client record:

  • Within the 'Goal Details' section of a Goal:

  • Within the 'Goal Strategies' section of a Goal:

  • Within the 'Clients' section of an Activity, for the purpose of linking evidence to the instance of service delivery:

  • N.B. Multiple Journals may be added for each Client within an Activity.  Once a Journal has been created from the Activity, a number icon will be visible to indicate the number of Journals that have been created within this Activity for that Client:
    When this icon is selected, a list of these Journals is displayed, along with the date and title of each and a link to access each Client Journal as required. Hovering over the title will display the full text (as above). 

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Overview of the Client Journal record

When a New Journal is created, the Journal record is comprised of five key areas: Journal Details, Journal Notes, Standards, Goals and Actions

Journal Details - includes a link to the Client record, the ability to navigate through the Client's Journals you have access to, a link to the Activity the Journal has been created from (where relevant), the Journal Date (which can be changed as required prior to the Journal being locked), the ability to add Tags to assist locating the specific Journal at a later stage using the Journal Search, the Site and Service the Journal has been created for is displayed here, as well as the facility to link any related Client Documents that have been uploaded to the Client record already, and add a Client Assessment as required. 

Journal Notes - is where the actual Journal Notes are added via a free text field, it is also where additional privacy barriers can be applied once the Journal has been written, where the Author of the Journal is displayed, is where the relevant Client Journal Type can be selected, includes the name of the Activity when added from the Activity record, or allows for this to be entered and is where the Title of the Journal is entered, which is required.

Standards - Journal entries can be linked to any of the relevant Standards and is recommended to demonstrate how your organisation is adhering to this Quality Safeguard Framework requirement over time. 

Goals - Journal entries can be linked to the Clients Goals and/or Goal Strategies as evidence toward Goal progress over time. 

Actions - Follow up Actions can be added as a useful prompt when additional tasks are required in relation to the Journal evidence. Actions appear on the Dashboard of the individual they are assigned to for completion when they are nearing the due date. 

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Where can Client Journals be accessed?

All Journals relating to a Client regardless of where they were created can be accessed via the 'Journal' tab of a Client record.

The list of Journals on this tab displays all Journals relating to a Client by default, however, the filter at the top of the list, allows you to filter the list by 'From and To Date, Service Type, and/or Journal Type:

N.B. A red warning bar appears alerting you to the fact that the list of Journals you can see is based on your privileges, this indicates there are Client Journals with additional privacy barriers, or for specialised Services i.e. NDIS Support Coordination or NDIS Financial Plan Management (FPM). 

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