Does SupportAbility integrate with Xero for payroll?

Whilst Xero accepts Invoice data via CSV files, unfortunately, it does not do the same for Staff Timesheets.

SupportAbility has explored the option of integrating directly with the Xero API to transmit Staff Timesheet data, however, there were several technical data structure incompatibilities making this unviable.

As a result, at this time, there is currently no way to export Timesheet data from SupportAbility in a manner that can be uploaded into Xero. The only solutions that we are aware of are to either:

  • Use the 'Download Detailed Time Sheets' or 'Download Summary Time Sheets' export formats available from the actions menu of the Time Sheet Batch and enter the relevant information into Xero manually, or alternatively
  • Use an external rostering and Timesheet management system such as Deputy that is designed to work with Xero. More details on the strategic considerations using this approach are detailed in the Payroll Integration Strategy article in our Knowledge Base.

It is important to note that neither SupportAbility, nor Xero have the ability to perform Award Interpretation, so this may be important to consider if your organisation is looking at new tools in this space. Also, SupportAbility only performs basic Award Categorisation.  More information on this is outlined in the 'Award Interpretation' and 'Award Categorisation Rules' articles, linked below for your reference.

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