Payroll Integration

SupportAbility can export timesheet data across to your nominated payroll system. Your payroll system will be responsible for award interpretation on that timesheet data and processing the payroll. 

Timesheet batches can be downloaded for:

  • MYOB AccountRight 
  • HR3
  • Payroll Metrics
  • Sage MicrOpay

If your organisation does not use any of these payroll systems and you wish to import time sheets from SupportAbility, we need you to provide us, via your organisation's  Authorised Representatives, with the  timesheet import format specification documentation for your payroll system. This is required to determine the scope of work required to develop a custom export. 

An estimate can then be provided to cover the work required for building a custom timesheet batch export format for  your payroll package. We have a number of  Support Contract options to help reduce the costs.

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