Indexation of NDIS Funding when a new Price Guide is released

Each year the NDIA release a new Price Guide to adjust the pricing and the rules regarding the requirements that registered Disability Service Providers must follow to charge & claim for the NDIS Supports they deliver. Whilst the Agency state that participant plans will be indexed, SupportAbility is unable to make automatic Budget adjustments in NDIS Direct Client Funding records to account for this due to:
  • The indexation can sometimes be applied weeks after the introduction of a new Price Guide and different participant plans can be indexed on different days
  • The indexation is applied to the remaining balance of each Service Booking at the time the indexation is applied. This remaining balance is unknown to SupportAbility as there is current integration available for SupportAbility to extract this information
Thus any Funding Budgets requiring indexation adjustments will need to be adjusted manually in the relevant NDIS Direct and Plan Managed Funding Plans.  We recommend that providers hold off on any manual updates until the funding totals are updated in the myplace provider portal so that the Budget value entered in SupportAbility can be entered to exactly match the indexation adjusted Service Booking value as required. 

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