Client Contact Search Report

This article provides detailed information relating to the Client Contact Search Report which can be utilised to find Client Contacts which meet specific criteria, for example, Emergency, Billing and/or Primary Client Contacts.

There are also the options of downloading a CSV file of the results List, or functionality to email these Client Contacts directly from the List.

Audience: Team Leaders, Support Staff and those tasked with sending communications to Client Contacts


The results returned from this Search Report are relative to the Client records the Staff Member generating the Report has access to, based on the Site/Services they have listed in their Staff Account, and/or any high-level global privileges they have been granted.


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Where is Client Contact information entered?

Client Contact information is entered on the Contacts tab of a Client record:

The following information can be recorded for each of the Client's Contacts, who can also be selected as the Client's Primary Contact or Billing Contact :

  • Name
  • Relationship (to Client)
  • Emergency Contact
  • Primary Carer
  • Lives with Client
  • Email 
  • Interpreter Required
  • Language
  • Date of Birth and Age
  • Contact Details - Call Times, Work/Home/Mobile phone numbers, Street Address
  • Notes
  • Assists Client With
  • Tags
  • Debtor ID

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How to access this Report

The Client Contact Search can be accessed via the Reports menu:

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Search Criteria

A range of search criteria is available to select from that can be used independently, or in conjunction, to search across Client Contact records in SupportAbility: 

The following search criteria are available in the Client Contact Search Report:

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How to Generate the Report

Once the desired parameters have been set select 'Search' to generate a list of Contacts which meet the specified criteria: 

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List Results

Once the report has been generated, the onscreen results List displays with the following headers:

  • Contact Name
  • Client Name
  • Relationship
  • Work
  • Home
  • Mobile
  • Emergency
  • Primary Carer
  • Lives with Client
  • Suburb
  • Preferred Contact Method

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Download Client Contact List

This List can be downloaded into a CSV file via the 'Actions' menu where required:

The CSV file contains more columns of information than those displayed onscreen and separates the information into First and Last Name for both the Contact and Client and the Address is split into Address (Street), Suburb, State and Postcode:

The data from this file can also be used by your organisation's label program to generate labels.

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Email All Client Contacts in this List

Once the results List has been generated, the 'Email all client contacts in this list' feature is available for sending bulk communications:

N.B. This feature caps the number of email recipients to a maximum of 20.  If the results List exceeds this number and the 'Email all client contacts in this list' button is selected a warning message will display as follows:

A possible workaround for this is to create Client Contact Tags in System Preferences::Tags and assign these to the relevant Client Contact records, grouping them up to a maximum of 20.  The Client Contact Search can then be filtered by these Tags, in combination with other filters e.g. Site/Service, thus ensuring the Search results remain below the cap of 20 people. 

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