Configuring Goals

The options available to configure in System Preferences regarding Goals are outlined in this article. Staff with the 'Edit System Preferences' Staff Account Privilege can edit these settings in System Preferences. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Operations Management


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Customising the 'Client Goal Support Evidence' notification Dashboard portal

When configuring the Dashboard portals in System Preferences, there is one specifically related to Client Goals - ' Client Goal Support Evidence':

The 'Client Goal Support Evidence Notification' portal will only display notifications for Staff who have been set as the Key Support Worker for that Client.

In addition to configuring the standard settings of 'Order', 'On/Off' function, 'number of records to display'; the threshold for 'days since last Journal Evidence for Amber/Red warnings' may also be configured for the  Client Goal Support Evidence Dashboard notification portal specifically: 

This allows your organisation to control when Staff should be notified regarding outstanding Goal evidence. These settings should be considered to ensure Staff receive timely reminders regarding outstanding evidence of progress towards outcomes against Client Goals.

When a Goal has not been linked to Journal evidence within the set threshold, notifications will appear in the 'Client Goal Support Evidence' portal on the Dashboard of those Staff members who have access to the relevant Client records:  

The Client record, Goal or Last Journal Evidence may be accessed by selecting the relevant target icon. 

N.B. Notifications will remain on the Dashboard until the required actions have been completed. Regular review of outstanding notifications in Dashboard portals is therefore recommended.  

Please see the Dashboard privileges and customisation article linked below for more information. 

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Goal Progress Assessment in Client Journals

Once Client Goals and/or Goal Strategies have been created for the Clients your organisation delivers services to, when recording evidence of service delivery via Journal entries, Staff can link any relevant Goal or Goal Strategy the entry relates to and provide a Goal Progress Assessment score: 

N.B. Assessment Score colours are as follows: 

  • 1 - 3 amber
  • 4 - 7 blue
  • 8 - 10 green

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Evaluation Criteria 

Staff can select the Evaluation Criteria button for more information on what each level represents. To check the Evaluation Criteria, select the icon to the right of the '+' with the three lines: 

The Evaluation Criteria levels displayed above can be configured by your organisation as required (see below). 

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Configuring the Goal Evidence Assessment Evaluation Level Criteria

To update the 'Goal Evidence Assessment Evaluation', navigate to System Preferences::Settings:

Configuration is completed in the 'Goal Management' section of this tab: 

Modifying the Evaluation Level Criteria

Enter the relevant information in each 'Level' field.  The text fields for each of the Levels will expand to accommodate the text entered, as required. 

Modifying the number of Evaluation Levels

The maximum and the default number of Goal Evidence Assessment Evaluation Levels is ten.  This can be modified and reduced however by your organisation, if required.  For example, if only eight levels are required then the Evaluation Criteria data should only be entered in the first eight Level fields, and the remaining two fields left blank without any data.  

Then when completing an 'Assessment' of the related Goal/Goal Strategy in the Client Journal, only eight options will be visible:

When making any changes to these options, always remember to select the 'Save Preference Set' button once all changes have been completed.

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Staff training

Staff will require training on not only how to record Goal Progress Assessments in Journal entries, but also when this is appropriate or required, along with an understanding of what constitutes each of the 'Goal Evidence Assessment Evaluation Level Criteria' for your organisation. 

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