Auto-Allocate Client Goals and Strategies to Journals

This article provides detailed information relating to linking any relevant Goal or Goal Strategy the entry relates to, once goals and/or goal strategies have been created for the clients your organisation delivers services to. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Operations Management, Team Leaders


The following list summarises the content within this article:

How to Configure Auto-Allocate Goals and Strategies to Journals

Prerequisite: Staff completing this configuration require the 'Edit System Preferences' privilege

An additional  optional feature is available for configuration in the Goal Management section System Preferences::Settings, called 'Auto-allocate Goals and Goal Strategies to Journals'. N.B. this is set to 'Do not Auto-allocate Goals and Strategies' by default, meaning it is inactive until configured:

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What does the Auto-Allocate Goals and Strategies to Journals feature do?

When a new journal is created for a client, SupportAbility will automatically allocate the same Goal and Goal Strategy used in the previous journal entry created for the client with the same:

  • Journal Site and Service,
  • Activity Program (this will only work if Programs have been created and are used in Activities by your organisation), or
  • Activity Name.

For example, if we set this to auto-allocate based on Activity Name: 

If the staff member allocates a Goal or a Goal Strategy in a journal for a client an Activity called 'Swimming' e.g: 

SupportAbility will 'remember' the Personal Goal and Goal strategy selected. 

The next time a journal is created for this Client for an Activity called 'Swimming' the system will pre-select the Personal Goal and Goal strategy that was selected in the previous journal entry for a Swimming Activity.

In order for the goals to auto-populate, the Journal needs to be created from within an Activity. Simply click the plus icon inline with the client you need to record your journal evidence for:

We can see that the Swimming Activity is linked in the Journal entry: 

SupportAbility has been configured so that the same Goals and Goal Strategies as the previous journal entry for this Client linked to this Activity will be automatically populated: 

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Activating this feature can assist staff with the data entry process of creating journals and ensure journals are linked to Client Goals and Goal Strategies. 

However, it is vital that whilst SupportAbility is auto-allocating this based on how it has been configured, staff have adequate training to ensure they are checking that this is in fact accurate and appropriate in relation to the situation.  

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