Deleting blank Client records


Deletion of Client Records can only be performed by those Staff within your organisation who have the 'Delete Records' in their staff account privileges. We emphasise that this privilege should only be granted to very few people within your organisation, as it allows the ability to delete all types of system records.  Please refer to the article 'Delete records staff account privilege' for more information. (linked below)

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What are 'blank' Client records?

Sometimes when performing a Client Search, you may notice that you have one or more active Clients with no name or contact details. In effect you have one or more 'blank' Client records:

How are blank Client records created?

It is important to be aware that when a Staff member clicks on the + sign next to the Client Search:

Then exits the record without entering and saving any data, a 'blank' Client Record is created. 

We therefore recommend periodical checking and cleansing of your Client database to ensure accuracy and integrity of your system information.

How to delete a blank Client record

  1. To delete the blank Client record, begin by clicking on the target icon next to the record to open it:    

  2. Once the Client record opens, click on the Actions drop-down menu and select Delete Client:

  3. A warning message will open advising that if you delete this Client, the list of related records linked to this Client will also be deleted.  As this is a blank record you can select the Delete this Client button. 

  4. As a safety mechanism, because this is a non-reversible and non-recoverable action, two new prompts will appear checking that you wish to proceed. If yes click on the Delete this Client button:  

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