Configuring Tags

What are Tags?

Tags are essentially the ability to apply an attribute to an entity, or record, so it can be identified by this at a later stage in a search or report. 

Various 'Tags' can be created to assist in identifying and grouping records in SupportAbility. 

Which entities can Tags be created for?

Activity Activity record Activity Search
Client Client Details tab Client Search
Client Contact Client Contact tab Client Contact Search Report
Client Funding Client Funding record Client Funding Search Report
Contact Shared Contact record Shared Contact Search
Incident Organisation Accident Incident Register (AIR) - Incident tab AIR Search Report
Incident Investigation Organisation Accident Incident Register (AIR) - Incident Investigation tab AIR Search Report
Journal Client, Staff, or Contact record Journals Journal Search
Opportunity For Improvement Opportunity For Improvement (OFI) record OFI Search Report
Staff Human Resources tab Staff Search

How to create a Tag

Tags can be created in System Preferences for the entities your organisation wishes Staff to be able to apply them to i.e. Clients, Client Contacts, Client Funding, Staff, Activities etc.

To create a new Tag, click on the '+' icon: 

Select the Entity or record that the Tag relates to: 

Enter the name for the Tag: 

Remember to 'Save Preference Set' once your required Tags have been created: 

Managing Tags

You'll note that when a new Tag is created, the Entity can be changed as needed (indicated by the drop down selection still appearing, along with the tagged entities count of 0: 

However, once a Tag is in use, the Entity can no longer be changed: 

The Tagged Entities count is a useful reference, as this displays the count of how many times this tag has been applied: 

Deleting Tags

Please note that anyone who can create Tags, that is any Staff member who has the 'Edit System Preferences' Staff Account Privilege, can also delete Tags.

Simply navigate to System Preferences::Tags and click on the rubbish bin icon next to the relevant Tag.

A Warning will appear asking you to confirm this deletion: 

Once a Tag has been deleted, three things will be affected:

  • The Tag will no longer appear in the drop-down list as an option in the Tag field associated with the related Entity e.g Client as per our example.
  • This Tag will be removed from any related records where it had previously been selected.
  • This Tag will no longer be available for selection when filtering Searches or Reports by Tags, thus historical records of this Tag will be lost.

Therefore if your organisation wishes to retain the historical information around Tags we would recommend retaining the Tag but changing the name of the Tag in System Preferences to indicate that Staff should no longer select it as an option. For example by adding a prefix to the name such as 'NOT IN USE' or whatever would work for your organisation.

We also recommend that the number of people in the organisation who have access to Editing System Preferences, and manage the various Tag clouds be limited, due to the changes deleting a Tag will result in.

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