Adding and searching by Tags

What is a Tag?

Tags are essentially the ability to apply an attribute to an entity, or record, so it can be identified by this at a later stage in a search or report. 

What records can Tags be added to?

Tag clouds are available for the following records: 

  • Clients
  • Client Contacts
  • Journals
  • Client Funding Plans
  • Activities
  • Staff 
  • Contacts
  • Incidents
  • Incident Investigations
  • Opportunities for Improvement

Once Tags have been created by your organisation, they can be applied as required to the relevant record/s. 

How do I add a Tag?

Select the '+' icon next to 'Tags': 

Select the relevant Tag to add to the record: 

Select 'Add Tag'. The Tag will then appear in the record: 

Always remember to Save the record following addition of a tag to ensure the changes are applied. 

How do I search by Tag?

Tags can be created for the following entities (records), this table lists where the Tags are displayed, and the search or report they can be found in: 

Activity Activity record - Activity Details tab Activity Search
Client Client record - Client Details tab Client Search
Client Contact Client record - Contacts tab Client Contact Search Report
Client Funding Client record - Funding::Client Funding tab Client Funding Search Report
Incident Organisation Accident Incident Register (AIR) - Incident tab AIR Search Report
Incident Investigation Organisation Accident Incident Register (AIR) - Incident Investigation tab AIR Search Report
Journal Client record - Journal::Journal Details tab
Staff Account - Journal::Journal Details tab
Contact record - Journal::Journal Details tab
Journal Search
For Improvement
Opportunity For Improvement (OFI) record OFI Search Report
Contacts Contact record - Contact Details tab Contact Search
Staff Staff Account - Human Resources tab Staff Search

Let's search for the Activity tag of 1:1 in the Activity Search

To find results of Activities that have had this Tag applied: 

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