Staff Privileges Report

Access to information within SupportAbility is granted at two levels:

  • 'Sites and Services where this Staff member works' - where access is set according to the specific areas of the organisation the Staff member works in, and
  • 'Security Privileges' - for Staff requiring high levels of access, including global organisation privileges.

The Staff Privileges Report provides a complete listing of those Staff who have been granted one or more of these Security Privileges and which privileges they have been granted. The report serves as a helpful overview at times when you may need to revise these privileges, in response to changes in the Services you deliver (e.g. commencement of Support Coordination), changes in Staff roles/responsibilities, changes in organisation structure, and/or changes in policies and procedures. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, HR Specialist, Team Leaders, or anyone tasked with creating or updating Staff Accounts


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  • Only those Staff who have the 'Edit User Accounts' Staff Account privilege can generate and view this report.
  • A comprehensive understanding of Staff Account Privileges as outlined in this article (linked below), or video. This may also be found in the 'Staff Management' section of the Learning Centre: 

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How to generate this report

To access this report navigate to the Dashboard and click on Reports:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to select 'Staff Privileges Report' from the Staff Accounts subsection of the Staff section of the Reports menu:

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Staff Account List results

A list of all Staff Members with Security Privileges is displayed, noting which of the 12 Security privileges they have been granted:

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Report exports

You may wish to download this report and then add pivot tables in a program such as Microsoft Excel, to further refine the data and assist you with identifying which Staff have which privileges: 

The 'Staff Security Privileges Report' export summarises the Staff Account List results (as per the above screenshot), whereas the 'Staff Site and Service Privileges Report' provides the data included in each individual 'Sites and services this staff member works at' entry included in the User Details tab of the Staff Account, allowing providers to review itemised privileges as well as Security privileges granted to Staff using these exports. 

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