Privileges required to manage Activities

By default, only Staff with the Team Leader Staff Account Privilege can create & edit Activities, including: 

  • adding or removing Clients, 
  • updating the Client's Funding Source e.g. to their NDIS Funding, 
  • marking the Client as 'No Charge', 
  • performing the Activity Sign Off, and
  • deleting any Activities as required. 

However, if required, this privilege requirement can be inactivated in System Preferences in cases where an organisation requires the Staff at specific Sites/Services to be able to perform these actions; independent of the Team Leader privilege. 

This may be suitable for Support Coordination, Therapeutic and/or Clinical Services for example, where Staff require a greater level of autonomy to manage Activities from creation to Sign Off. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Operations Management

'Only Team Leaders Can Edit Activities' setting

To adjust this setting, select 'System Preferences' from the Dashboard Menu:

Chose the 'Sites' tab:

Select the target icon for the Site requiring the change e.g: Melbourne (HQ):

If the preference is set to 'Only Team Leaders Can Edit Activities' for the Services active at this Site, this now means that only Team Leaders can can create & edit Activities, including the ability to add or remove Clients, perform the Activity Sign Off and delete Activities:

If your organisation prefers that Staff working in specific Services linked to the Site perform the duties outlined above, simply uncheck this box and save this change e.g. the Team Leader privilege requirement has been removed for all Services delivered at a site:

This may be limited for specific Services only as your organisation requires. 

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