Searching by Service Participation in the Client Search

This article provides detailed information relating to how Client Service Participation information can be reported on, using the Client Search feature.

Audience:  Team Leaders, Support Staff


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Reporting on Client Service Participation

There are two methods in which Client Service Participation information can be searched and reported on.

The first of these is the Client Search feature which searches on Client records, but can be filtered by 'Participant of Service (any of)' in the search criteria.  We recommend running separate searches for each Service (e.g. Day Service, Support Coordination etc.) or Site, when searching by Client Service Participation. This article provides detailed information relating to this method.

Alternatively, the  Client Service Participation Report can be used, which searches specifically on Client Service Participation records. Please see the linked article below for more information about this feature. 

Regardless of the method used, the quality of information generated in these search/reports is dependent on the quality of information, and way in which data has been entered in the Client Service Participation section of Client Records.

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Recording Client Service Participation information for reporting purposes

All Clients must have their Client Service Participation configuration accurately completed, with the following information:

  • All Services (at the relevant Site/s) they participate in listed.
  • Primary Service checked.
  • Start and End Dates recorded (optional).
  • Status (Active, Enquiry, Waiting List, Intake, Exited, or as per your organisation's configuration of this List).
  • Key Support Worker for each Service (optional).

It is recommended that separate entries are created for each  Status per Site/Service, including recording the Start and End Dates for each Status, to facilitate the ability to search on the duration of each Status, thereby tracking the life-cycle of a Client with your organisation. This is necessary as SupportAbility does not track changes made to the Status of a single Client Service Participation entry.  For more information on this please refer to the Client Service Participation article, linked below.

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How to perform a Client Search

Navigate to the Dashboard and click on 'Clients' in the side menu:

The Client Search may be filtered by a broad range of criteria, however, for the purpose of determining Client Service Participation, the ' Participant of Service' filters are the most relevant here.  

The All and None buttons are a helpful tool for quick selection or deselection of all Services in the list.

Once you select a Service or Site, additional filters will appear for selection.

The additional filters which appear once you select either a Service or Site, are:

  • Include non-current participants checkbox (this will ensure that Clients with 'historical' Client Service Participation records for the selected criteria will be included in the search results)
  • Is Primary Service (Primary Service Only, Secondary Only)
  • In Service From/To Date range
  • Service Start From/To Date range
  • Service End From/To Date range
  • Status (Active, Enquiry, Waiting List, Intake, Exited or as per your organisation's configuration of the Client: Service Participation Status List), 

These will help to further refine the Search results for Clients participating in these Sites and Services. 

It is important to note that the Date range filters search by the Service Start and Service End Dates as configured in the Start and End Dates in Client Service Participation records: 

If we wanted to search for Clients who participated in the Support Coordination Service and started between July 2018 and July 2019, these From and To Dates may be entered: 

Whereas the 'In Service From' From and To Date range allows you to search for Clients participating in this Service at any time within the selected Date Range. 

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How to export the Client List

Once the Client List is returned, you have a number of options to export the data from the Actions menu: 

We recommend reviewing the top two exports. This includes many columns of Client information, however, the Client Service Participation information is not included in this export. If this is required, the Client Service Participation Report accessible from the Reports menu, has an export which does include this information. Please see the article linked below for more information about this report. 

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