Introduction to the Learning Centre

Learning Content

SupportAbility's learning content is comprised of both learning videos, accessed via the Learning Centre of your installation, and knowledge articles accessed via the Knowledge Base.

The Learning Centre videos, provide detailed information about the concepts, strategy, workflows and the 'how to' of SupportAbility.  Equally the Knowledge Base is a comprehensive library of knowledge articles covering all aspects and features of SupportAbility.  These are continually being updated and more created, in response to changes and system developments within SupportAbility.

The format of this extensive learning material strongly supports self-paced learning and is a ready-reference when Staff are engaging with SupportAbility.  In addition to this, however, it is essential that organisations plan, manage, and deliver Staff Training to ensure that SupportAbility is utilised as required by your organisation, and the information entered into SupportAbility aligns with your organisation's policies and procedures.

SupportAbility is continually evolving and upgraded versions being applied.  Therefore when viewing the videos, some differences may be noticed between the version you see in the video and your organisation's installation, however, the majority of the information included is still relevant and of value.  We are committed to regularly updating this content and newer content will be added progressively to our Learning Centre and Knowledge Base.

Please review the Summary page in the Learning Centre to understand how this learning content is presented in the Learning Centre.

How to Access the Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is accessed by clicking on 'Learning Centre' in the main menu on the Dashboard:

Learning Centre Tabs

The Learning Centre is broken into tabs containing videos relating to each of these topic areas:

Summary Tab

The Learning Centre opens on the 'Summary' tab, which provides the following information:

  • Introduction to content,
  • Link to our Knowledge Base containing detailed knowledge articles
  • Link to the SupportAbility Release Notes outlining system enhancements, new features and bug fixes
  • Outline of the different Audiences which the videos in the Learning Centre are applicable for

Sections and Subsections

Each tab is broken into sections and sub-sections containing videos related to each topic area, and displaying a count for the number of videos contained within each section, along with the total accumulative runtime of those videos:


Navigating the Learning Centre

For easy navigation and finding the information you may be seeking, the Learning Centre provides the following:

  • Sectioned tabs grouping related material
  • Descriptions summarising the purpose of the learning content contained in each section and subsection
  • The Audience which each video is applicable for
  • A bulleted summary of each video's content

  • Links to related Knowledge Base articles (newer videos only) where applicable
  • Chapters (newer videos only)
  • Closed captioning has also been set to 'on' by default for all videos.

Learning Centre Log

The 'Learning Centre Log' tab tracks Staff members' viewing of the Learning Centre videos. 

This tab accessed via 'My Staff Account' displays the number of times a user has viewed each video, the dates the video has been watched, along with a heat map highlighting the areas of the video most frequently watched:

Team Leaders and Managers with access to their team member's Staff Account can view those team member's 'Learning Centre Log' within the individual Staff Accounts. This is a useful way to monitor and/or review Staff progress with learning the required functionality of SupportAbility, relative to their role and responsibilities.

What is a Heat Map

N.B. If an organisation wishes to track Staff members viewing of learning videos for training purposes and/or training audits, then we would recommend an organisation directs their Staff to view all videos via the Learning Centre in your SupportAbility installation, rather than accessing the videos via the links provided in knowledge articles.

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