Staff Training

How are Staff trained in using SupportAbility?

SupportAbility has a host of on-demand training videos available in its in-built Learning Centre, along with help articles accessible via our ever growing  Knowledge Base allowing staff the flexibility to learn in their preferred learning style and at their own pace. 

Staff can access these resources to engage in self-paced learning, and can revise the material whenever they need it. The Learning Centre makes it easy for new staff to get up to speed as soon as possible. All Staff with a user account in SupportAbility will have access to this content from a computer or tablet.

We find that this self-paced and on-demand learning environment, in combination with internal discussion around your organisation's processes, is what staff require to understand SupportAbility and become proficient in its use. When training Staff, this needs to factor in two key elements:

  1. SupportAbility system functionality, and
  2. How your organisation plans to utilise SupportAbility, based on your specific policies, workflows and procedures.

Much of the available content is quite comprehensive and therefore requires Operations Management and Authorised Representatives to review this first and deciding how best to utilise the functionality before training other Staff in it's use. 

This is always further enhanced when combined with internal discussion around your organisation's processes, systems training must be coupled with organisational policy and procedure, to provide Staff with the direction they need on how best to utilise SupportAbility within your organisation.

Learning Centre overhaul

The Customer Success team at SupportAbility have been receiving many requests for in-person and online systems training. This is understandable, as many organisations transition their services to operate under the NDIS and elect to utilise more of SupportAbility's available features.

Historically, our Customer Success team facilitated in-person or online support sessions with the majority of our subscribers, and as a result, we found that this method of training was becoming less and less effective. Due to the complexity and sheer volume of the content covered, we needed to approach our training in a more beneficial and efficient way. 

We also acknowledge that there are some gaps in our current available learning content. We have been continuing to add many articles to our ever-growing   Knowledge Base, however, our current video content available via the Learning Centre is out-dated and does not cover all areas of SupportAbility, particularly as it continues to evolve.

In an effort to address this and further assist our entire subscriber base, we are currently focused on overhauling our Learning Centre to provide improved learning content for all SupportAbility users. In the short term, this includes updating and adding to the available on-demand video content which is underway with the latest version of the Learning Centre being included in upgrade to version 5.7 of SupportAbility. The updated content available is also accessible via the   New Learning Centre Videos article. N.B. If videos are watched from the links included in this article, they are not recorded in the Staff members Learning Centre Log. In the longer term, we will be redesigning the Learning Centre and providing improved contextualised help throughout SupportAbility.  

To prioritise the content created, we are compiling results of the most common email queries received via support, along with frequently searched terms in our Knowledge Base. This is a very exciting project that we are currently working on and are committed to constantly evolving for the benefit of all SupportAbility users. Information regarding new and updated Learning Content is now published in our  release notes.

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