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This article provides information on the Staff Accounts Search tool, covering the filter options available, including using the Site and Service filters relevant to where Staff members work. It also outlines how to send a bulk email to all Staff in the results list generated from a 'Staff Accounts Search'.

Audience: HR Specialist, Team Leaders, or anyone tasked with managing Staff 


The Staff Account Search is responsive to the access privileges the user performing the search has been granted in their Staff Account, as follows:

  • the Sites and Services itemised where they work
  • any additional privileges granted at the Site/Service level 
  • any global Security Privileges

This means that both the selectable options in the Search Criteria and the list results generated by the Search are restricted to the Staff information which the user has access to. 


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Staff Account Search - Search Criteria

The Staff Account Search can be filtered by a variety of search criteria as follows:

  • First/Last name
  • Staff Account Email address
  • Has a Staff Account Email address: (-, Yes, No)
  • State
  • Gender (Female, Male, Transgender, Non-binary)
  • Services: as per the Services the Staff member performing the search has access to
  • Sites: as per the Sites the Staff member performing the search has access to
  • Primary Site: as per the Sites the Staff member performing the search has access to
  • Tag: as per the list options configured in System Preferences::Tags::Staff
  • User is Active: All Staff, Active Staff Only, Inactive Staff Only 
  • Has a username set: (-, Yes, No )
  • Has Emergency Contact: (-, Yes, No) 
  • Age From/To
  • Start Date From/To
  • End Date From/To
  • Volunteer: (-, Yes, No) 
  • Employment Type: as per the list options configured in System Preferences::Lists:: Staff:Employment Type and set in the Staff members Human Resources tab
  • Contract Renewal Date From/To
  • Appraisal Renewal Date From/To

Site and Services Filters

Searching for Staff relative to the Sites and Services where they work, as itemised in their Staff Account, can be filtered in a number of ways:

Staff who work in specific Service/s at any Site/s

To search for Staff who work in specific Service/s at any Site select the relevant Service option/s in the 'Services' filter:

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Staff who work at specific Site/s including all Services at a Site

To search for Staff who work at specific Site/s including all Services at those Sites, select the relevant Site option/s in the 'Sites' filter:

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Staff who work in a specific Site/Service combination

To search for Staff who work in a specific Site/Service combination, select the relevant Service@Site option/s in the 'Sites/Services' filter:

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Staff who have specific Sites selected as their Primary Site

To search for Staff who have specific Site/s selected as their Primary Site, select the relevant Site option/s in the 'Primary Site' filter:

Once the Sites and/or Services have been selected and the selection window has closed, the number of Services and Sites which have been selected will be displayed for each filter:

Emergency Contact filter

Staff require a valid Emergency Contact to be set in the Contacts tab of their Staff Account.  A first name and phone number is required as a minimum.  If a valid Emergency Contact has not been entered, an Incomplete Staff Member warning will be displayed at the top of the relevant Staff Account.

The Staff Account Search is a useful tool for identifying those Staff members whose Staff Account does not contain a valid Emergency Contact.

The relevant search criteria here is the 'Has Emergency Contact' filter:

Setting the filter to 'No' will return a list of those Staff members who do not have an Emergency Contact entered in their Staff Account, or who have an Emergency Contact name entered, but with incomplete details e.g. a phone number.

Setting the filter to ‘Yes’ will return a list of Staff who have a valid Emergency Contact (minimum data set i.e. name and phone number) listed in their Staff Account.

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Search Results List

Staff Phone Number

While the 'Human Resources Details' section on the 'Human Resources' tab of a Staff Account displays three phone numbers for the Staff Member:

  • Home Phone
  • Personal Mobile Number
  • Work Mobile Number

Only the 'Work Mobile Number' is displayed, in the Search results after performing a Staff Account Search:

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Bulk email Staff from the Search Results List

It is possible to send a bulk email to all Staff in the list of results generated from this Search by selecting the 'Email all Staff Members in this list' option in the Actions menu:

The 'Email Staff Members' window will open displaying a message citing the number of Staff in the list, and asking if you wish to proceed:

Selecting the 'Email Staff in List' button will direct you to your usual email program (e.g. Outlook, Gmail) with the Staff email addresses which are listed in their Staff Account, pre-populated in the Bcc address section of the email:

N.B. If the list of Staff generated from the Search exceeds the SupportAbility email limit of 100 Staff, the 'Email Staff Members' window will display a warning message 'Email Blocked' with information as to why this has occurred:

Download Staff Records

Once the results list has been generated from the Staff Accounts Search, it is possible to export a csv file containing the information which has been entered on the 'Human Resources' tab of the relevant Staff Accounts. 

To export this file select 'Download Staff Records' from the Actions menu:

This file will be available in your downloads folder. 

N.B. Only Staff with the 'Human Resources For ALL Staff' or 'Human Resources' privilege at the Site/Service level will be able to see the additional columns in of 'Payroll ID' and 'Payroll Category' in the export file.

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