Updating the BPR Claim Status Manually

From the upgrade to SupportAbility v7 (October, 2020), when a Bulk Payment Request (BPR) is generated, each Allocation has 'No Claim Status'. This is to allow for the Claim Status to be updated, based on the results of the submission of the BPR to the myplace provider portal. The Claim Status of each Allocation is updated automatically by uploading the Bulk Payment Results File (BPRF) downloaded from the myplace provider portal. Please review the  Uploading the Bulk Payment Results File (BPRF) article linked below, for a comprehensive overview of this functionality. 

Whilst it is recommended to upload the BPRF for added efficiency and accuracy between the myplace provider portal, SupportAbility and your organisation's finance system, the Claim Status of each Allocation can be updated manually in lieu of this as required. 

This article starts with the action required if your organisation wishes to continue to create Direct Invoices Batches as per the pre-SupportAbility v7 workflow regardless of the true Claim Status, continuing on to outlining how to update the Claim Status manually. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Finance Team


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Manually Accept Allocations in order to generate Direct Invoice Batches

It is important to note that only Accepted Allocations, i.e. successful claims as deemed by the NDIA following submission of the BPR to the myplace provider portal, can now be included in a Direct Invoice Batch. This is to ensure accuracy between systems. 

When 'Generate Direct Invoice Batch' is selected and none of the Allocations included in the BPR have the Claim Status of Accepted, the following message will appear to explain why the Direct Invoice Batch is not able to be created: 

When the Bulk Payment Results File (BPRF) downloaded from the myplace provider portal is uploaded into SupportAbility, the status of each claim is updated automatically. However, if your organisation does not want to utilise this new functionality of uploading the BPRF and wishes to continue to include all Allocations in a Direct Invoice Batch regardless of their true Claim Status (as is the case pre-SupportAbility v7), then these Allocations can be Accepted manually in order for a Direct Invoice Batch to be available for creation. 

To manually update the Claim Status of all Allocations to Accepted, select all of the Allocations by choosing the checkbox at the top of the Allocations section: 

Please note that the number of Allocations selected is displayed in the footer for reference e.g. '3 selected of 3' as above. 

Once the required Allocations are selected, select the 'Bulk Actions' menu button: 

Select 'Manually Accept' from the Manual Claim Status options: 

Note that the Claim Status has been updated to Accepted and that the 'Claimed value' and the 'Accepted value' match below e.g. $396.29

This is also reflected in the Totals section of the BPR: 

Now that the BPR includes Allocations that are Accepted, a Direct Invoice Batch can be generated: 

Once Direct Invoices have been generated, the Processing Status is updated to 'Completed' including a link to the associated Invoice and Invoice Batch for reference: 

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Claim Status and Processing Status definitions

The following table outlines each Claim Status & Processing Status option and provides a definition for of the purpose of each:

Claim Status Processing
      Claim Status yet to be determined  
      Successful claims (as deemed by the NDIA following submission of the BPR)  
      Accepted Allocation included in a Direct Invoice Batch (link to Invoice and Invoice Batch included)  
      Claims that have resulted in an error (as deemed by the NDIA following submission of the BPR)  
      Rejected claims that are yet to be actioned (i.e. Marked for Retry or Cancelled or processed as such)  
      Rejected claims that are intended for Retry (completed by selecting 'Process Action' once ready)  
      Rejected claims that have been processed for Retry (i.e. making the Allocation available for inclusion again in a future BPR)  
      Rejected claims that are intended for Cancellation (completed by selecting 'Process Action' once ready)  
      Rejected Claims that have been Cancelled (i.e. written off in SupportAbility and no longer included in the Client's Funding Utilisation or Expenditure) 

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Manual Claim Status options

In addition to the above, there are other Manual Claim Status options available to select from. The options available are as follows:  

We recommend that whichever option is selected, it reflects the status of the claim as per the myplace provider portal result to ensure accuracy between systems as best as possible. Whichever option is selected can be overwritten by selecting 'Remove Manual Claim Status' up until either, Direct Invoices have been generated for Accepted Allocations, or any Rejected Allocations have been Retried. 

If you wish to move straight to the required Rejected Claim Action i.e. Marking for either Retry or Cancel, then the intended action can be selected which will update the Claim Status to Rejected and the Processing Status to the selected action. 

For example, if the following Provider Travel claim resulted in an error as per the Notes entered: 

In this example, once the Service Booking is amended, we wish to Retry claiming this Support in the next BPR. Therefore, 'Mark for Retry' can be selected from the Bulk Actions menu: 

Once applied, this automatically updates the Claim Status to Rejected, along with the Processing Status, in this case, of 'Marked for Retry': 

To process this action with the status of Retry so it will be available for inclusion in the next BPR, 'Process Action' must be selected from the Rejected Claim Actions section of the Bulk Actions menu: 

This Allocation is now set for Retry in the next BPR and can no longer be selected: 

For more detailed guidance about what each of the Rejected Claim Actions does, please review the following articles which have been linked below for reference: 

  • BPR Rejected Claim Action - Retry
  • BPR Rejected Claim Action - Cancel

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Remove Manual Claim Status

To undo this, or any other manual updates, 'Remove Manual Claim Status' can be selected from the Manual Claim Status section of the Bulk Actions menu for the required selected Allocations: 

N.B. This is only available to revert up unto Accepted Allocations have Direct Invoices associated, or a Rejected Allocation has been processed for Retry. After this point, these Allocations will no longer be available for selection. 

Once selected, the relevant Allocation/s revert to 'No Claim Status' and may be updated as required:  

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Reset BPR

If you wish to remove all manual changes from the entire BPR, an alternative option is to select 'Reset BPR' from the Actions menu: 

A confirmation modal appears, explaining that this will reset all changes, including any notes, and this change cannot be undone: 

Once 'Reset BPR' is selected, the Allocations are reverted to 'No Claim Status':

N.B. This is only available up until any Accepted Allocations have Direct Invoices associated, or any Rejected Allocation have been processed for Retry: 

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