Configuring the Victorian HACC MDS Export

This article provides information about configuring the Victorian HACC MDS Export. It is important to note that this export is only available to specific providers who have been using this as it was developed some time ago for a specific provider in Victoria. Our intention is that this export will be decommissioned in the future when it is no longer necessary. 

Privileges: 'Edit System Preferences' is required to complete the required configuration

Audience: Operations Management


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Where is the Victorian HACC MDS Export configured?

The Victorian HACC MDS Export is configured in System Preferences, accessed via the Dashboard.

Only Staff with the 'Edit System Preferences' privilege as granted in their Staff Account are able to access this area of SupportAbility. 

The set-up configuration is completed in two different tabs within System Preferences:

  • Settings
  • Services

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Activating HACC MDS Codes on Activities

In order for SupportAbility to track HACC MDS Codes on Activities, providers must first input their 'Agency Identifier'. 

This is completed on the Settings tab of System Preferences: 

In the middle of the right-hand side of this tab, a field named 'Agency Identifier' is available in the 'Hacc MDS' section where this code must be entered: 

Once this field has been configured, SupportAbility knows that HACC MDS codes are in use and a new field becomes available in Activities to track the corresponding HACC MDS code where applicable.

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Setting Default HACC MDS Codes by Service

Setting the default HACC MDS types is completed on the Services tab:

Each Service can have a Default HACC MDS Type assigned. When this is done, the code will automatically populate in the HACC MDS Code field whenever a new Activity for that Service is created.

The Default HACC MDS Type can be selected from the dropdown list for each Service. 

N.B. The options in the dropdown are not configurable. Please see the article Configuring Lists for more information on which Lists are configurable, linked below for reference.

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Assigning a HACC MDS Code in an Activity

Once the Agency Identifier has been set in System Preferences it is then possible to select the corresponding HACC MDS Code from the dropdown list within the Activity:

If a Default HACC MDS Type has been configured in System Preferences then this field will be automatically populated when a new Activity is created.

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Which Clients are included in the Export?

All Clients participating in an Activity with a HACC MDS Code selected will appear on the Victorian HACC MDS Export unless they have an NDIS Funding Source selected. All other Funding Sources inclusive of 'Billable (No Funding)' will be included in the export:

In the example above, because Cliff and Pina have a Funding Source selected that is not NDIS, they have been included in the export. Whereas Erin has an NDIS Funding Source selected, therefore she has not been included in the export:

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