Generating the Victorian HACC MDS Export

This article provides information about configuring the Victorian HACC MDS Export. It is important to note that this export is only available to specific providers who have been using this, as it was developed some time ago for a specific provider in Victoria. Our intention is that this export will be decommissioned in the future when it is no longer necessary. 

Audience: Operations Management


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How to generate a Victorian HACC MDS Export

Select 'Reports' from the Dashboard:

Navigate to the Data Collection subsection of the Activities section and select the 'Victorian HACC MDS Export':

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Search Criteria

A range of search criteria is available to select from that can be used independently, or in conjunction, to search across Activity Dates, Activity Sign Off Status, Services and Sites:

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Which Clients are included in the Export?

All Clients participating in an Activity with a HACC MDS Code selected will appear on the Victorian HACC MDS Export unless they have an NDIS Funding Source selected. All other Funding Sources inclusive of 'Billable (No Funding)' will be included in the export:

In the example above, because Cliff and Pina have a Funding Source selected that is  not NDIS, they have been included in the export. Whereas Erin has an NDIS Funding Source selected, therefore she has not be included in the export:

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How is the Export formatted?

The format of the Victorian MACC MDS Export has been built to meet the requirements established by the Department of Health & Human Services.

Please see the Home and Community Care in Victoria website for more information. 

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