Staff Roster

Once Staff Members have been added to Activities, the Activities they have been rostered into and their shift times can be viewed in the Roster. 

This article discusses how to access the Roster, viewing the Roster in List or Month (Calendar) format, the options available in the Staff Roster Selector, as well as how to Print, Email or Subscribe to your Roster and navigating to an Activity. 

Audience: Support Staff


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How to access the Roster

To access the Roster, select this button from the Dashboard: 

This opens up the Roster, which by default, displays all Activities you are rostered into within the current fortnight in the 'List' view: 

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View options

The Roster appears in List view by default. The dates that you wish to review the Roster for can be updated by using the 'Filter From/To' date picker: 

The Roster can be viewed in a calendar format by selecting 'Month' if preferred: 

N.B. A '+' option to add an Activity appears if you have the privileges required to manage Activities: 

Please see the Privileges required to manage Activities article linked below for reference. 

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Staff Roster Selector

The 'Showing Roster For:' feature allows Staff Members with Team Leader privileges to easily show the Roster from different perspectives (i.e. their own Roster, individual Staff Members or specific Sites or Services)

When Staff Members access the Roster, the 'Showing Roster For:' will default to 'My Roster'.

However, for Staff Members with the Team Leader privilege at the Site/Service level, the Roster view will default to one of the Sites/Services where the Team Leader privilege has been provisioned.   

When the Roster view is changed to an alternate view (e.g. another Staff Member), SupportAbility will remember this and display this view after navigating away and returning to the Roster again. When the Staff Member logs out and then logs back in again, the Roster view will return to the default view as outlined above.  

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When viewing the Staff Roster Selector, Staff will only see the Site/Services listed that they have access to e.g. Abel works in Day Services and Community Participation @ Melbourne (HQ) Site:

N.B. Staff with higher-level privileges will see more Site/Services displayed relative to their level of access and filter options selected in the Staff Roster Selector. More on this is outlined below.

It is possible for Staff to filter their Roster so only Shifts for one of these Site/Services are displayed.  To refine the list of Shifts displayed, select 'Hide' for each of the Site/Services you do not wish to view Shifts for e.g. Day Services  @ Melbourne (HQ):

Once Site/Services have been hidden, the Roster will only display the Shifts the Staff Member is rostered into, for the Site/Service/s displayed in the Staff Roster Selector e.g.  Community Participation @ Melbourne (HQ):

To view Shifts for all Site/Services again, select 'Show hidden services': 

N.B. The number of Site/Services which have been hidden e.g. (1) is noted on the 'Show hidden services' button.

Once 'Show hidden services' has been selected these Site/Services will be listed again in the Staff Roster Selector and the Roster will display the relevant Shifts for each of these Site/Services.

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Showing Roster For

Staff with the privileges required to manage Activities are able to view the Roster for a Site, a specific Service, or individual Staff Member who works in the Site/Services they have these privileges for, by selecting the relevant option from the 'Showing Roster For' selector: 

Viewing the Roster for a whole Site or Service while possible, may result in performance issues due to the number of Activities being loaded. It is also not the best format to view this information in:

It is recommended to use the Activity Staff Report accessible via the Reports menu as an alternative. More information regarding this is available in the related article linked below.

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Show rosters for services without shifts

Selecting the 'Show rosters for services without shifts' checkbox:

Displays Dates in the Roster when no Shifts have been added, in addition to the existing Shifts, for the Services listed in the 'Staff Roster Selector':

This applies when viewing 'My Roster', Rosters for other individual Staff Members, or Rosters for individual or multiple Sites or Services.

N.B. The Roster only displays Dates with no Shifts when a Service is listed in the 'Staff Roster Selector'. If all Services are hidden, then no Dates without Shifts, or existing Shifts, will display in the Roster.

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Print, Email or Subscribe to your Roster

You can Print, Email or Subscribe to your Roster via webcal for Outlook, iCal or Gmail, by selecting the relevant options in the Staff Roster Selector:

The information included when selecting any of these options is based on how the Roster has been filtered, as outlined above. 

N.B. If the Roster email is received and marked as 'Spam' or 'Block Sender', then the corresponding Staff email address will be added to our Email Suppression List and no further emails will be sent to that email address when selecting 'Email me this roster'.

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Print Roster

When printing from the 'List View' there is the option to select additional information to be included in the printed version of the Roster which is not displayed onscreen, such as Activity Location, Replicating Staff Notes and Non-Replicating Staff Notes, as entered in the Activity:

These fields of information will display in the printed version of the Roster as shown below:

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Email Roster

Similar to printing the Roster, there is the option to include additional information which is not displayed on the screen, when emailing the Roster, such as Activity Location, Replicating Staff Notes and Non-Replicating Staff Notes:

The Roster will be sent to the nominated Staff Member's work email address as listed in their Staff Account:

The Roster will be attached to the email in .pdf format which they can download on their chosen device.

N.B. A copy of the email will not be available in the 'Sent' folder of your email program (such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail etc) as the email is sent from the SupportAbility Mail Server.

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Subscribe to your Roster

Staff may subscribe to their calendar from various places in SupportAbility e.g. 'My Staff Account' and the 'Roster'. To subscribe to your Roster, ensure that it is set to the default 'My Roster':

 Then select 'Subscribe to roster':
This will initiate the process in the default calendar, such as Outlook, via the  webcal  link and allows for an additional calendar to be added to your chosen calendar and provides limited information regarding the Activities they have been rostered into: 

More information on how to subscribe to your Roster manually has been outlined in the  Subscribing to a Calendar/Roster article, linked below.

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Information displayed in the Roster

The Date and Time information displayed in the Roster is based on the date and time of your shift i.e. how the Working From-To Time has been configured for the Roster in the Staff section of the Activity record. 

Often, the date and time of the Staff shift e.g. Monday 8 am - 10 am:

Aligns perfectly with the time and date of the Activity: 

However, Staff shifts often need to occur within or around Client service delivery, hence sometimes the date and/or time in the Roster e.g. 11 am - 4:30 pm: 

May differ to the date and/or time of the Activity e.g. 11:30 am - 3:30 pm:

Due to the Working From-To Time having been customised when the shift needs to occur within or around the date and/or time of the Activity i.e. Client service delivery: 

Information regarding the Clients scheduled into each of the Activities appearing in the Roster is displayed e.g. Pina, Erin and Cliff all live at Smith House: 

However, by default, only the individual Rostered into the Activity will appear listed under Staff. The names of any other Staff Members who may also be Rostered into the Activity are not listed due to privacy reasons. This is because the Roster may be printed, emailed and subscribed to. 

The Activity name contains a link for navigating to the Activity record where further details can be reviewed:

Activity status icons are displayed to assist in providing important information regarding the Activity at a glance. Simply hover over the icon to see its description:

More information on Activity Status Icons is available in the  Activity Icons article linked below.

N.B. There is a known limitation with some Shifts not displaying in the Roster when the Shift ends at 12:00 AM on the 1st day of the following month

For example:

  • From: 31/03/23 10:00 PM
  • To: 01/04/23 12:00 AM

This occurs only when viewing the roster in  Month View:

Or in List View when the 'Filter From' is set to the 1st day of the Month (e.g.01/04/2023):

A workaround to ensure that the Shift displays in the Roster on the 1st day of the following month is to change the Shift 'To Time' to 12:01 AM or later as shown below:

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Navigating to the Activity

Selecting the name of the Activity from within the Roster (in either view): 

Will navigate you to the Activity:

Any required Journal evidence can be added for each Client: 

The Staff Time Sheet Sign Off can be completed: 

Once the shift has been completed, as required: 

When the Activity has been accessed from the Roster, to navigate back to the Roster, go to the top of the Activity record and select 'Return to Roster': 

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