How to configure Staff Standard Availability

This article outlines how to configure Staff Standard Availability and the different ways in which this can be managed.

Privileges: One of the following privileges is required to access the Availability tab and update the Standard Availability:

  • 'Team Leader' at the relevant Site/Service level or global 'Team Leader for ALL Services'
  • 'Human Resources' at the relevant Site/Service level or global 'Human Resources For ALL Staff'

Audience: HR Specialists, Team Leaders


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How to update Staff Standard Availability

To update the Standard Availability for a Staff Member, navigate to the 'Availability' tab of the relevant Staff Account:

The Standard Availability information is displayed at the top displaying the days of the week, From and To Times and a Shared Notes field:

By default, all Staff are set to being available 24/7 with all Days of the week selected and the From Times set to 12.00 AM and the To Times set to 11:59 PM for each day.  

This may be updated to reflect the hours the Staff Member works or is available to be rostered.

Simply deselect the days of the week the Staff Member is not available:

If the Staff Member is only available between certain hours on a day then the From and To Times can be updated accordingly.

Selecting the time or the clock icon will open the Clock functionality:

Adjusting the Hours

Either the arrows can be used to adjust the hours or selecting the hour value will open another window where finer adjustments of the time can be made:

Adjusting the Minutes

Either the arrows can be used to adjust the minutes or selecting the minute value will open another window where finer adjustments of the time can be made in combination with using the arrows:

Notes may be added in the Shared Notes field if required:

N.B. It is important to note that these Notes will appear in the Availability tab of the individual's My Staff Account section of SupportAbility for reference and are visible by the Staff Member. 


Bookmarks are a useful tool for setting reminders for updating Standard Availability where required. These can be added to the Availability tab:

Bookmarks Notifications display on the Dashboard of the person the Bookmark has been set for:

Once the required action has been completed the Bookmark can be deleted.

More detailed information on the Bookmarks functionality is outlined in the Bookmarks article linked below for reference.

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Managing Staff Availability for Staff with Availability that changes regularly

In the case where a Staff Member has availability that changes regularly, some providers choose to de-select all days of the week so the person is  not available by default: 

The onus is then on the Staff Member to enter in an 'Available' Availability Exception to advise the organisation of specific days and times they are available to work.

This is completed in the 'Availability Exceptions' section on the Availability tab in My Staff Account:

For more information about adding Availability Exceptions please review the  How to create an Availability Exception? article, linked below for reference.

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Managing Standard Availability for Staff who do not work directly with Clients

Some organisations choose to manage Standard Availability differently for Staff who do not work directly with Clients e.g. Admin Staff, and Team Leaders/Managers to assist with rostering.

When Staff have a Site/Service listed in the 'Sites and services where this staff Member works section' of their Staff Account e.g. Community Participation:

Along with the Standard Availability listing their regular working hours:

The Staff Member will appear as 'Available' in the Staff list for rostering, for the corresponding Activities:

Your organisation may therefore find it helpful to de-select all the days of the week in the Standard Availability section of their record, for Staff Members who do not work directly with Clients e.g. administrators or Team Leaders/Managers :

They will then appear as 'Unavailable' in the list of Staff for rostering when creating Activities or updating Staff in an existing Activity:

N.B. Staff Members with global access to all Client records via the ‘Team Leader for ALL Services’ Security privilege, or the ‘Edit Client Records Across ALL Services’ Security privilege and no itemised Sites and Services will not appear in the Add an Activity creation wizard as outlined above. Staff Members with these privileges will appear in the 'Change Activity Staff' window in the Activity record though. Therefore, the above strategy of deselecting their Standard Availability may be suitable for these Staff Members also, as it will ensure they appear as 'Unavailable' for rostering, similar to the above screenshots. 

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