How to add Immunisation records for Staff

Due to the importance of recording Staff Immunisations, particularly during the COVID pandemic where immunisations are now mandatory for many sectors and for frontline Staff, the ability to add Immunisation records has been included in SupportAbility in the upgrade to v7.17 (October, 2021)

Immunisation records for Staff are added on the ‘Medical’ tab of a Staff Account by Staff Members with Team Leader or Human Resources privileges. Whilst Immunisation records can now be added, Search functionality for the management of this information will be introduced in an upcoming release.

This article outlines detailed information about how to add an Immunisation record to a Staff Account, where this information is displayed, and how the privileges required to access this information operate.

Privileges:  One of the following privileges is required to access the Medical tab:

  • 'Team Leader' at the relevant Site/Service level or global 'Team Leader for ALL Services'
  • 'Human Resources' at the relevant Site/Service level or global 'Human Resources For ALL Staff'

Audience: HR Specialist, Team Leaders


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  • How to find Immunisation records for Staff

  • How to add an Immunisation record

    Immunisation records are added on the 'Medical' tab of a Staff Account by selecting the  + Add Immunisation button:

    N.B. Only Staff with the Team Leader or Human Resources privilege at either the Site/Service or global level will be able to access this tab and add or update these records. 

    The Immunisation record contains the following fields of information:

    • Date - the calendar icon can be used to record the date the Staff Member received the immunisation if known
    • Immunisation Type - a list of Immunisation Types is available for selection and is based on the configurable 'Immunisation: Type' List in System Preferences
    • Document - Documents that have already been uploaded to the Staff Member's Documents tab and are related to the immunisation can be linked here for reference e.g. vaccination or medical certificates
    • Notes - Notes related to the Immunisation may be recorded here e.g. when the next dose is due

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    To add a Date to the Immunisation record select the calendar icon:

    This opens the calendar functionality where the relevant date may be selected.

    Immunisation records are designed to reflect immunisations that have already occurred. Therefore only retrospective dates, inclusive of today's date, can be selected. All future dates are greyed out and unavailable for selection:

    Use the arrows at the top of the calendar to navigate to the relevant Month and/or Year and select the relevant date e.g. 11/10/2021:

    N.B. The list of 'Year' options available for selection is displayed in 10-year 'blocks'.
    If an earlier year is required simply select the earliest available year e.g. 2011:

    The list will close. Select the Year field again and the next block of 10 years prior to the selected Year will now display e.g. 2010 to 2001:

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    Immunisation Type

    The 'Immunisation: Type' List is utilised when adding Immunisation records to both Staff and Client records. A few default options are available for selection in the List including first, second and booster doses of Covid-19 vaccinations and Medical Exemption.  

    To enter an Immunisation Type in the Immunisation record select the relevant option from the list of options displayed:

    N.B.  The 'Immunisation: Type' List includes default options, however, this List can be configured based on your organisation's requirements and preferences on the Lists tab in System Preferences. 

    More information is outlined in the Configuring Lists article linked below for reference.

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    The Document field of the Immunisation record displays a list of all Documents that have been uploaded to the Documents tab of that Staff Member's Staff Account. 

    The information displayed in the Document list of the Immunisation record includes the 'Document Type' and 'Document Date'.

    The relevant Document related to the Immunisation record may be selected here e.g. Proof of Immunisation - 11/10/2021:

    Once selected the Document name is displayed e.g. 'AM - COVID vaccination 1st dose.docx' along with two icons that facilitate either downloading or previewing the Document:

    More information is outlined in the  Download and Preview Documents article linked below for reference.

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    The Notes section of the Immunisation record is an open text field where notes relating to the Immunisation record may be recorded e.g. the date the next dose is due:

    It is important to be mindful that any information entered in the Notes field of an Immunisation record will also be visible to Staff in other areas as outlined below.

    We, therefore, recommend any related information of a sensitive nature is entered in a Staff Journal instead.

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    Saving the Immunisation record

    It is important to clarify if Immunisation records are added and not completed, then this information will be saved upon saving the record: 

    Therefore, it is important to ensure these records are completed prior to saving. Once the required information (e.g. Date and Immunisation Type) has been added to the Immunisation record, remember to select the 'Save User' button to save all information entered/selected:

    If this button is not selected and you navigate away from this tab, a notification message will display asking if you wish to cancel or discard the information entered/selected:

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    Where does this information appear?

    The information entered in an Immunisation record on the Medical tab of a Staff Account appears in the following places:

    • in the Immunisations section on the Medical tab of the individual's 'My Staff Account'
    • in the 'Activity Immunisation Summary' print report, printable from an Activity record

    My Staff Account - read-only

    Immunisation records that have been added to the Medical tab of a Staff Account are displayed in the ‘Medical’ tab of the related individual's My Staff Account:

    The information displayed here, however, is read-only and purely for reference purposes. Any required updates are managed on the Medical tab of the Staff Account and must be completed by those with the relevant privileges.

    Any Documents which have been uploaded to an Immunisation record are not displayed for the Staff Member on the Medical tab in My Staff Account.  A note may therefore be added for the Staff Member's reference, if required, to indicate that the relevant documentation has been linked to the Immunisation record in the Staff Account e.g. as shown for the Flu immunisation. 

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    Activity Immunisation Summary print report

    Immunisation records for Staff rostered into an Activity are available to view in the ‘Activity Immunisation Summary’ report accessible from the Print menu of the Activity record.

    The Activity Immunisation Summary displays the individual Activity details along with all Immunisation records for rostered Staff and participating Clients.

    Staff with the relevant privileges will have full visibility of the Immunisation records for all Staff rostered in the Activity:

    Information about restricted access to viewing Staff Immunisation records in this report is outlined below.

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    Restricted access based on privileges

    Only Staff with the relevant access privileges i.e. Team Leader and/or Human Resources privileges are able to view the Immunisation records of  all rostered Staff in the Activity Immunisation Summary report.

    Staff are able to see their own Immunisation records, however, they will not be able to see the records of other Staff Members rostered into the Activity unless they hold the relevant privileges.  A notification message ' Restricted due to privileges' will display when Staff without these privileges view the report. 

    For example, Abel has no additional privileges and can therefore only see his own Immunisation history in this report, and is not able to see the Immunisation details of other rostered Staff Members i.e. Corina:

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    How to find Immunisation records for Staff

    Following the introduction of the ability to add Immunisation records to Staff Accounts in the upgrade to SupportAbility v7.17 (October, 2021), future development of a Search tool for managing this information is expected in an upcoming release.

    The comprehensive search functionality will allow providers to quickly identify Staff that are either immunised or yet to be immunised for a particular disease. 

    Staff Members will be able to use filters such as Immunisation Type, Date Range, and Notes to answer critical service delivery questions. Detailed search results will be available both on-screen and via CSV export.

    Further developments on this functionality will be outlined in the  SupportAbility Roadmap article linked below for reference. 

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