How to print or view an Activity Immunisation Summary

Due to the COVID pandemic, Immunisation management for both Staff and Clients is becoming an ever more critical requirement for service providers to maintain continuity of service whilst ensuring safety for all parties. 

To assist with this the SupportAbility upgrade to v7.17 (October 2021) introduced the ability to add Immunisation records for both Staff and Clients along with the ‘Activity Immunisation Summary’ print report accessible via the Print menu in an Activity record. This report provides visibility of the Immunisation records for rostered Staff and participating Clients.

The Immunisation records displayed in the report is dependent on the access and privileges the Staff Member generating the report has.

This article outlines information about how to print the 'Activity Immunisation Summary' report and how access privileges determine what information is displayed in the report.


To view Immunisation information for Clients, access to the Client record is required. 

A Staff Member's own Immunisation records are viewable, however, to view Immunisation information for other Staff rostered into the Activity, one of the following privileges is required:

  • 'Team Leader' at the relevant Site/Service level or global 'Team Leader for ALL Services'
  • 'Human Resources' at the relevant Site/Service level or global 'Human Resources For ALL Staff'


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How to print the Activity Immunisation Summary

Immunisation records for rostered Staff and participating Clients of an Activity are available to view in the ‘Activity Immunisation Summary’ report accessible from the Print menu of individual Activity records:

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Report overview

The Activity Immunisation Summary report displays the individual Activity details along with the full Immunisation history for rostered Staff and participating Clients:

The following information is included in this print report:

  • Activity Immunisation Summary
    • Service -  the Service @ Site the Activity is being facilitated by
    • Program - if Activity Programs are in use, this will be displayed here
    • Activity Description - the name of the Activity
    • From and To - dates of the Activity
    • Replicating Staff Notes - any Staff notes that have been added to this field in the Activity e.g. Andrea requires a modified vehicle for transportation to this Activity.
    • Non-Replicating Staff Notes - any Staff notes that have been added to this field in the Activity
  • Staff
    • Name - each rostered Staff Member's full name
    • Date - the date recorded when the Staff Member received the immunisation
    • Immunisation Type - the type of immunisation the Staff Member received e.g. Covid - 19
    • Notes - any notes that were added to the Immunisation record e.g Next dose is due 22 Nov 2021
  • Clients
    • Name - Client's full name
    • Date - the date recorded when the Client received the immunisation
    • Immunisation Type - the type of immunisation the Client received e.g. Covid - 19
    • Notes - any notes that were added to the Immunisation record e.g This Client has received all 3 doses of the Hep B vaccine.

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Restricted view based on access and privileges

While any Staff Member with access to an Activity can print the Activity Immunisation Summary report for the Activity, the Immunisation information displayed in the report is determined by the access privileges the Staff Member printing the report has.

If an individual cannot access the Staff Member’s Medical tab, they will not be able to view Staff Immunisation records for those rostered Staff. Similarly, if an individual does not have access to a Client record, they will not be able to view the Client’s Immunisation records in this report. 

More detailed information regarding this is outlined below.

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Viewing Staff Immunisation information

Staff are able to see their own Immunisation records, however, they are not able to see the Immunisation records of other rostered Staff Members unless they hold the relevant privileges. A notification message ' Restricted due to privileges' is displayed when sufficient access to view this information is not held. 

For example, Abel has no additional privileges and can therefore only see his own Immunisation history in this report and he is not able to see the Immunisation details of other rostered Staff Members i.e. Amanda:

Staff Member Angela, however, has the Team Leader privilege for the Community Participation Service at the Melbourne (HQ) Site and therefore has full visibility of the Immunisation history for all rostered Staff in this Activity:

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Viewing Client Immunisation information

Only Staff with access to the Client records of participating Clients will be able to view their Immunisation records in the Activity Immunisation Summary report.

For example, when a non-Service Client (e.g. Jennifer) participates in an Activity for a Site/Service they don't regularly participate in, visibility of that Client's Immunisation records will be restricted to only Staff Members who have access to this Client's record. 

Staff without the required access will see the notification message 'Restricted due to privileges' displayed next to that Client in the report.  

For example, Staff Member Amanda who is rostered for this Activity only works in the Community Participation Service at the Melbourne (HQ) Site and has no access privileges to view Jennifer's information, as Jennifer only participates in Smith Gardening Services. Therefore Jennifer's Immunisation records are not visible to Amanda in this report:

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