How can the direct provision of Disability Support for Older Australians (DSOA) Services be tracked at standard NDIS prices?

The Disability Support for Older Australians (DSOA) program was rolled out from July 1st, 2021 and we have had several providers enquire about how the direct provision of DSOA Services could be tracked at standard NDIS prices. 

This article steps through the way that this could be tracked using SupportAbility. 

Audience: Finance Team, Operations Management, Team Leaders


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Create a DSOA Contact record with the NDIS Financial Plan Management setting active

Our recommended approach for tracking the direct provision of DSOA services at standard NDIS prices involves setting up a new Contact record in SupportAbility called DSOA and ticking the 'NDIS Financial Plan Management' checkbox: 

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Create NDIS Direct Client Funding records for DSOA Clients with DSOA as the FPM

Create Direct Client Funding records for DSOA Clients using the NDIS Funding Type for the period they are funded for e.g. this current financial year:

Update the name of the funding record to DSOA and choose DSOA as the Default Financial Plan Manager:

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Allocate NDIS Supports for DSOA Clients in Activities and select No Charge if you do not wish to generate Invoices

The DSOA Funding can be selected as the Client's Funding Source

And NDIS Support Allocations can be added for the individual: 

If you do not wish to generate Invoices for these Supports, then you will need to select the 'No Charge' checkbox: 

This will ensure Invoices are not available for these NDIS Support Allocations. 

N.B. When a Client is marked as 'No Charge' the related NDIS Support Allocations will not be reflected in the Client's Funding Utilisation. In order to track Utilisation of the DSOA Funding record in SupportAbility, the NDIS Support Allocations must be included in a Direct Invoice Batch even if the billing assets aren't exported for the purposes of Invoice distribution in your Finance system.  

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Considerations when tracking DSOA services using NDIS Funding records and NDIS Support Allocations

Given the suggested approach is utilising NDIS Funding, these Funding records will appear in various searches and reports e.g. the NDIS Direct Budget Utilisation Report and the Allocations Report. 

If your organisation wishes to omit these Funding records from a reporting perspective, then you may wish to create a new Program or Service to manage DSOA to ensure this can be deselected where necessary.

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