SupportAbility Terminology (glossary)

The following glossary list has been created to assist with commonly used acronyms and terms in SupportAbility:

ACAT: Australian Capital Territory Civil Administrative Tribunal.

Activity: the ability to track time and/or generate invoices in SupportAbility. Activities generally represent instances of Direct Service Delivery.

ADE: Australian Disability Enterprise.

AIR: [Organisation] Accident Incident Register.

ATSI: Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

CAFT: Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading.

Chart of Accounts (COA): the complete list of all accounts within a finance system used to identify and categorise income and expenses.

Client: refers to individuals who participate in the Services your organisation delivers in SupportAbility, under NDIS these individuals are referred to as participants.

CP: Consumer Protection.

Direct: direct service provision, namely via Activities.

Direct funding: the funding plan direct service providers enter for their clients. This should reflect the Standard Service booking/s your organisation has in place with the Client, or the schedule of supports in place in your Service Agreement with the Client. 

DMI: Disability Maintenance Instrument. The DMI assesses the work-related support needs of Supported Employees. 

DMS: Document Management System.

DSP: Disability Service Provider OR, Disability Support Pension.

EPP: Employment Pathway Plan.

External Invoices: invoices entered for providers delivering Plan Management services. 

FFS: Fee for Service (direct client billing).

FPM: Financial Plan Manager.

HACC: Home and Community Care.

Internal Invoices: invoices generated for Direct Service Delivery.

Journal: facility for case notes to be entered against a Client, Contact or Staff record.

LGA: Local Government Area.

Lists: customisable pull-down options for selection within SupportAbility. 

NCAT: New South Wales Civil Administrative Tribunal.

NDIA: National Disability Insurance Agency.

NDIS: National Disability Insurance Scheme.

NDIS LAC: National Disability Insurance Scheme Local Area Coordinator.

NTCAT: Northern Territory Civil Administrative Tribunal.

OFI: Opportunity for Improvement [register].

PIF: Personal Information Form available in three different formats from the print menu in the Client record, comprised of information from the first three tabs in the Client record. 

Plan Managed Funding: the funding plan Plan Management service providers enter for their clients. This should reflect the plan managed Service Booking along with the schedule of supports in your Service Agreement with the client for PM fees. 

Program: (optional) used to identify and group activities in SupportAbility. 

QCAT: Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal. 

SA: SupportAbility.

SACAT: South Australian Civil Administrative Tribunal.

Service: the nature of what it is your organisation does.

SIL: Supported Independent Living.

Specialised Services: NDIS Support Coordination and NDIS Financial Plan Management (FPM)

SSA: Shared Supported Accommodation.

SRS: Supported Residential Services.

TTE: Transition to Employment.

TTW: Transition to Work.

VCAT: Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. 

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