How does subscription work?

SupportAbility uses a subscription model to ensure that your organisation:

  • is compliant with evolving NDIA pricing and regulatory requirements.
  • receives all of the SupportAbility product updates that we release throughout the year as we continue to improve the compliance, usability and feature set of SupportAbility.
  • is always using the most secure and up to date version of SupportAbility.
  • is able to utilise up to date devices, operating systems and web browsers.

SupportAbility subscriptions are paid on an annual basis, in advance. The cost of an organisation's subscription is based on the number of active staff accounts it requires. All staff that either require access to SupportAbility, need to be rostered in SupportAbility or have HR details tracked against their staff record in SupportAbility will require a licence seat. For more information on pricing, take a look at our SupportAbility Pricing page. 

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