How does subscription work?

Under our subscription-based pricing model, providers pay annually in advance for access to the SupportAbility cloud-based service. 

The cost of an organisation's subscription is based on the number of active Staff Accounts it requires. All Staff Members that require access to SupportAbility, need to be rostered in SupportAbility or have HR details tracked in a Staff Account in SupportAbility will require a licence seat. For more information on pricing, take a look at our SupportAbility Pricing page. 

Each subscription option provides access to all of the functionality available in SupportAbility and all future updates (excluding additional subscription services of Data Replica and Training installations). 

A subscription-based pricing model allows us to:

  • Assist providers to meet their compliance requirements under the ever-changing regulatory framework of the NDIS
  • Continue to evolve the product in a way that delivers the most value and impact for our subscribers
  • Provide subscribers with quality support, guidance and learning resources to assist them in getting the most value from SupportAbility
  • Ensure that the product evolves in response to the latest security threats and best practice
  • Continue to support updates to device and browser technology

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