Deleting Activities

This article provides detailed information outlining the conditions which govern when Activities can and cannot be deleted, and how to delete an Activity, including from a Replicated Set of Activities.

While it is generally not recommended that any records are deleted in SupportAbility to preserve an audit trail, there are times when an Activity may require deleting. Most often this occurs when replicating a set of Activities and one of the dates falls on a public holiday for example and requires deleting from the set.

Audience: Team Leaders and anyone tasked with managing Activities.


In order to be able to delete an Activity a Staff Member must have one of the following privileges granted in their Staff Account: 

  • the 'Team Leader for ALL Services' global Security privilege
  • the 'Team Leader' privilege for the Site/Service related to this Activity

N.B. Staff with access to an Activity record and who have been granted the 'Delete Records' privilege will also be able to delete that Activity.


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Conditions governing deletion of an Activity

Activities cannot be deleted if the following conditions apply, and thereby the 'Delete Activity' functionality will not be visible:

  • a Staff Shift has been signed off
  • the Activity has been signed off
  • a Time Sheet Batch has been generated for this Activity
  • an Invoice Batch has been generated for this activity

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How to delete an Activity

If none of the above conditions apply the 'Delete Activity' functionality will be visible in the 'Actions' menu, and the Activity can be deleted:


A confirmation notification will display querying whether you want to delete this Activity and advising that the related records linked to the Activity will also be deleted:

When deleting an Activity the following related records will be deleted, and the change cannot be undone:

  • Client Participation records for this Activity
  • Client NDIS Support Allocations for this Activity
  • Staff Time Sheets (which have not been signed off) for this Activity
  • Client Support Logs for this Activity

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Deleting an Activity from a Replicated Set of Activities

When an Activity has been replicated, if there are specific occurrence/s of that Activity which need to be deleted, such as a public holiday when the Activity will not be delivered, these can be deleted in the 'Related Activities' tab as follows. 

Deleting one or more Activities within a set of Replicated Activities

To delete an Activity within a Replicated Set, navigate to the 'Related Activities' tab of the relevant Activity. 

Select the 'Delete' checkbox next to the occurrence/s of the Activity that you wish to delete. Once the checkbox has been selected it will turn red: 

Then select 'Save Activity':

This will delete the selected Activity, leaving the 'Related Activities' tab open.  Selecting 'Delete Activity' from the 'Actions' menu will also delete the selected Activity but will return you to the Dashboard.

Deleting a whole set of Replicated Activities

If you wish to delete the whole set, begin by selecting the checkbox for all of the Replications, then select 'Save Activity': 

Once all replications have been deleted, select the 'Activity Details' tab of the remaining 'Current Activity' to open it:

Once the Activity has opened select 'Delete Activity' from the 'Actions' menu to delete the current remaining activity:

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