Activities Configuration

This article provides detailed information relating to the options available to configure in System Preferences regarding Activities, along with the importance of considering how the privileges required to manage Activities should be configured to best suit your organisation. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Operations Management


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Privileges required to manage Activities

By default, only Staff with the Team Leader Staff Account Privilege can create & edit Activities, including adding or removing Clients, performing the Activity Sign Off and deleting Activities. 

However if required, this privilege requirement can be inactivated in  System Preferences::Sites if an organisation requires the Staff at specific Sites/Services to be able to create, edit and Sign Off Activities; independent of the Team Leader privilege. 

This may be suitable for Support Coordination, or Therapeutic and Clinical Services, where Staff require a greater level of autonomy to manage Activities from creation to Sign Off. 

We therefore encourage Providers of these Service types to consider how the Privileges required to edit Activities are configured. 

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System Preferences::Activities

There are three key settings your organisation may wish to consider in System Preferences in relation to Activities: 

  • QDC Reporting
  • Default activity replication to future services in set i.e. how the Replication Management Settings should appear in Activities by default, and 
  • GST Defaults, specifically for Activity Costs

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QDC Reporting 

QDC stands for Quarterly Data Collection and the QDC Report was one of the initial Reports built in SupportAbility to assist Providers pre-NDIS manage their reporting requirements. This Report provided information regarding Client participation via  Activity Duration for Activities funded by non-NDIS Funding Types. 

The default setting to generate the QDC based on either Funding Types, Services or Programs could be configured here e.g: 

Given that this was a pre-NDIS reporting requirement, we do not imagine many Providers would need to configure this setting and use this report any longer. 

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Replication Management Settings default ('Default activity replication to future services in set')

When an Activity is replicated for a specific period, a 'set' of Activities are created that it then belongs to. The way the Replication Management Settings in the Activity are configured is important, as this determines how the set of Activities is updated and how any changes made to the Activity are updated to the future Activities in the set. 

This setting in System Preferences allows Provider to configure how they would like each of these Replication Management Settings to appear in the Activity record by default. 

Each of these settings correlate with the Replication Management Settings available in Activities e.g: 

We recommend Providers turn  off these default Replication Management Settings. This is important to ensure that information is not updated to the remaining Activities in the set when it is not intended to be. 

This can occur when these settings are active and and changes to the Activity are made then the Activity Sign Off is performed, this effectively saves the record and any changes made will be applied to the remaining Activities in the set; even though this may not of been intended. 

Staff who manage Activities i.e. create, edit and perform the Activity Sign Off, require an understanding of how these settings work and that the Replication Management Settings should only be activated when they intend to replicate a change through to the remaining Activities in the set. This has been further documented in our Replicating Activities article. 

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GST Defaults 

Individual or Group Activity Costs may be added for each Client who participates in an Activity. This is one of the non-NDIS billing features, which are very limited, hence the use of this is not promoted heavily. Please see the Activity costs article for more information. 

The 'Add GST to all activity costs when invoicing' setting allows Providers control regarding whether or not GST should be added to Activity Costs or not. This setting is active by default:

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