How to find NDIS Plans that are due to expire

This article steps through the suggested ways to identify NDIS Plans that are due to expire. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Finance Team, Team Leaders


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Document Due/Review dates

Document Due/Review dates can be used to notify the relevant Staff member that a Client's NDIS plan requires review e.g: 

If these review dates are being set, provided these alerts are customised to being displayed on the dashboard for your organisation, the staff member who is set to be notified will see a prompt on their Dashboard: 

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Document Search

If Document Due/Review dates are being used, the Document Search Report can also be used to find NDIS Plan Documents that are due to expire: 

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NDIS Direct Client Funding records

The  Client Funding Search Report can be used to identify NDIS funding records nearing completion, by using the Funding End date range filter e.g: search for all records due to end in the month of June: 

A Bookmark could then be added to funding plans due to expire, to alert the required person for review e.g: 

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