What does implementing SupportAbility entail?

Implementing SupportAbility is a significant project and exercise in change management. With this in mind, the  Managing your Implementation as a Project video is our recommended starting point, as this explains the project fundamentals.

SupportAbility has been implemented by a large number of Disability Service Providers across Australia. Therefore, our recommendation is a phased implementation approach, as outlined in the SupportAbility Implementation Phases | Overview article. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives and anyone tasked with completing this phase of implementation.


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How is implementation support delivered?

We are committed to supporting our providers at each step of the implementation process. To do so, we have created learning content regarding what is required at each step of the way. This information is sent via email, to your organisation's appointed  Authorised Representative/s, upon email confirmation of readiness to progress to the next phase. This information can also be located in the Implementation section of our Knowledge Base. Please ensure the relevant stakeholders review the important learning content hyperlinked throughout.  

How long does implementing SupportAbility take?

The speed and pace of implementing SupportAbility is highly dependent on how the project is resourced and managed by your organisation. 

The recommended structure to implement SupportAbility is using a phased approach, ensuring fundamental stages are completed in order to create a solid system foundation before proceeding to the next phase. Simply advise us upon completion of each phase, so that we may provide information regarding the next. 

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How are Staff trained in using SupportAbility?

SupportAbility has a host of on-demand training videos available in its in-built Learning Centre:

Along with  help articles accessible via our ever-growing  Knowledge Base, accessible via help.supportability.com.au:

Staff can access these resources to engage in self-paced learning, revising the relevant material whenever they need it. The Learning Centre makes it easy for new staff to get up to speed as soon as possible. All staff with a user account in SupportAbility will have access to this content from a computer or tablet. 

We find that this self-paced and on-demand learning environment, in combination with internal discussion around your organisation's processes, is what Staff require to understand SupportAbility and become proficient in its use. Team Leaders and Staff with Human Resources privileges can see the list of videos Staff have viewed in the Learning Centre, and even which parts of the videos they have watched or skipped using our video heat maps technology.  

Whilst training on SupportAbility is available via the Learning Centre, all Staff training is the sole responsibility of the provider. Systems training must be coupled with organisational policy and procedure, to provide Staff with the direction they need on how best to utilise SupportAbility within your organisation. Staff will require direction and guidance regarding which features your organisation wishes to use.

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How does an organisation subscribe to SupportAbility?

Evaluating SuportAbility

During the SupportAbility product demonstration, we recommend providers get hands-on with SupportAbility, by exploring an evaluation copy of the software, to ensure that it is a good fit for your organisation. To do this, we assign access to an evaluation installation, for a few weeks, including example data to assist get you started. We encourage your organisation to test 'real world' scenarios by adding organisational specific Client records and Staff accounts to trial the system functionality, with your requirements at the forefront of your mind. 

SupportAbility Terms of Service Agreement

Once due diligence has been completed, to initiate the subscription process, a member of the Customer Success team will send you the SupportAbility Terms of Service Agreement (ToS) for review. We require this important document to be reviewed and accepted, by way of date and signature, by the CEO or Director of your organisation. 

Implementation Planning Agreement

Once this signed SupportAbility Terms of Service Agreement has been received, the first step in the subscription process is to find out a bit more about your organisation’s installation requirements. To do so, we have created the Implementation Planning Agreement for completion, to ensure the accurate provision of your unique SupportAbility Installation.

As explained within this document: the answers provided convey important information about your organisation, your objectives for implementation and how the foundational elements of SupportAbility should be structured, to best suit your organisation.

Important videos have been hyperlinked in the agreement, designed to explain the core concepts of SupportAbility and inform your organisation’s Installation Requirements. We recommend reviewing each section thoroughly and reviewing these resources deigned to assist.

Once the completed and signed document is received via support@supportability.com.au, our Customer Success team will initiate the creation of your organisation’s unique SupportAbility Installation based on the information supplied in this agreement and commence providing phased implementation support. 

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